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The Defense of Arkstone - AWA Event 2018

New Intel on The Black Wolf Brigade

Date Filed: 33rd Thunder Hawk, 3127
By: Lt. Magnus Cromwell
Subject: Defense of Arkstone / Black Wolf Brigade Intel


Utilizing my established connections with the Unchained in the region I have recently learned that a unit of Unchained got wind of a potential attack to the North of A’Davar, coming down from the Kal-A-Nar Empire. The origin was from Kal’Tor (not to be confused with Kal-Teor).

This assault was to be lead by Dair-Kan Marrik ki Sigmar, the father of Dair-Endar Ragnar ki Sigmar. Ragnar was the commander of the rear guard who has sieged A’davar twice, and failed. It was, from what we saw on the field, the Black Wolf Brigade commander, known only as The Fanged Wolf, who killed his son.

Still, with the death of his son, Marrik was gathering his forces to march south. Unchained intelligence suggested he was planning to march to A’Davar and attack the city while it was still weak. Knowing this would cripple the region and place it under Kal dominance, a fate none in the area would desire.

They quickly implemented a plan to try and establish a plan to stop Dair-Kan Marrik ki Sigmar at Arkstone and avoid him sacking it completely. The following information is what I had managed to gather from my Unchained contacts in reference to their mission to save Arkstone.

12th Thunder Hawk, 3127

The Unchained mission begins. The operation is head by a Gromp Redtooth. They had a week or two to prepared Arkstone for the assault. To do this, they needed allies who would be invested in the region.

They needed 3 things. Funds and an army. One well known army in the region was the infamous Black Wolf Brigade. Being a mercenary outfit, they needed funds to pay them. The only local source of deep pockets was The Ve’Souri. It is speculated they are connected to Red Store, but no official connection has been made.

The Unchained agents met with The Ve’souri and, from what I gather, a deal had been struck. While the specifics of the mission were not given, I did manage to get local reports from Arkstone that indicated a warehouse had been ransacked and a small riot had been caused when Sheriff Elect Atila Morgan was on his route to the capitol building. The warehouse was owned by Atila Morgan and reports indicate a dim-witted Orc threw and entire tray of fruits at the carriage of the Sheriff Elect while his head was stuck out of the window.

On the 14th of Thunder Hawk a group that, again, matched the description of the Unchained Agents departed the city. The Agents reports on the situation were that they had been ambushed by the Black Wolf Brigade and hooded. Upon arrival of their site they were forced into a Brawling Pit with a massive Orc. It was a contest of physical strength and the Orc went through 3 Agents before the fight was stopped. By all accounts it seemed as if The Fanged Wolf was the one who stopped the brawl.

Apparently this was a test of strength that would determine the cost that would be presented forward. The were to leave in the morning on a hunt to track down a shipment Caravan and bring the Wolves in to play.

They took 2 days to catch up with the caravan (They followed tracks on the rode). That night they cold camped to keep from being found. Having been given a sort of flare, they sent an agent about 500 yards out to set it off. Obviously, being at night, the flare was spotted by the enemy encampment. The Unchained evidently intercepted the scouts.

It wasn’t long before a small platoon sized unit showed up, this one lead by The Fanged Wolf once more. The Unchained said the Wolves gave them an opportunity to surrender (to which they did). They then began to arbitrarily killing them, skipping over survivors at random. The living were given the opportunity to join the wolves.

I’m not sure how they picked who lived or died, but it certainly is brutal. Much like the Kal might gang-press people into service, it seems like the wolves do the same. Though, from our interactions with them, none seem to live in fear. In fact, most seem content to follow orders. Perhaps they are all just cold blooded mercenaries after all?

In either case, the only other thing to report is one of the men was targeted by a robed figure of the wolves and he laid a hand upon his target. The mans eyes burnt out of his skill the Unchained Agents said. Apparently his knowledge had been siphoned out.

Reports from Arkstone suggest the group of Unchained Agents returned around the 20th of Thunder Hawk. The next phase of their mission was not revealed to me, but Arkstone Official Reports suggest that on the 21st of Thunder Hawk an assault on the Government building occurred.

Fighting broke out in the streets while Atila Morgan (the Sheriff Elect) was apparently beseeching the governing body permission to grant a near by Tempest Servitor access to build a temple on near by land and, effectively, grant him the rights of a citizen of Arkstone. Once again, figures matching the Unchained Agents description were on sight.

After the battle (which reports indicate an Aevakar struck a Flame Priestess down with a lighting bolt), the motion passed to grant this Servitor those rights. I assume, based on the battle, this was required to secure the armies of Tempest to defend the city.

Later that day, to the east of Arkstone, a severe storm formed out of nowhere. While it lasted a few hours, there appeared to be no structural damage to the area nearby outside of lighting strikes and some trees uprooted due to violent winds.

24th of Thunder Hawk, 3127

On the North side of Arkstone, The armies of The Black Wolf Brigade, supported by some local mercenaries that we assume The Ve’Souri acquired, and a unit of Tempest organzied outside the gate. The local garrison fortified the gates to prevent them from being broken easily. I do not know the entire details of the battle, but I do know Dair-Kan Marrik ki Sigmar was slain by The Fanged Wolf.

Interestingly, Marrik felled The Fanged Wolf on the field who, moments later, rose from his placement and nearly cleaved the Kal Warlord in half diagonally. Marrik’s body, like his son Ragnar, was acquired by The Black Wolf Brigade.

The other event that occurred was Tempest summoned a Cyclone down into the field. In the chaos, both armies (sans Tempest) took casualties. The Fanged Wolf reportedly fired a stream of Hellfire into the mage. The two forces nearly came the blows, but the Tempest withdrew in good order. I suspect this has to do with the foothold they have now, legally, established within the region.

In short, we now have extra intelligence on The Black Wolf Brigade as well as it’s leader The Fanged Wolf, we know Tempest now has a legal foothold on the outskirts of Arkstone, but more importantly, another wave of invasions has been stopped this time (thankfully) before reaching A’Davar.

I will continue to keep you informed to the best of my abilities and provide updates as possible.


Lt. Magnus Cromwell, Delta Team Commander, Echer’Naught


Divinus Divinus

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