Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 26 (Delta)

White Raven

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed White River 5th, 3127

Gray Winds, 23rd, 3127

At 8am, I was summoned to the Ranger HQ by Lt. Cromwell. Apparently, command had gotten around to sending an official mission. It was a straightforward extraction. A VIP had gone missing in Arkstone. Our orders were to locate and extract safely. Command had had no communication, magical or otherwise, for an extended period of time. LT informed me that it was likely he was actively hunted or already dead. We had a vague description, his cover identity, “White Raven,” and the pre-arranged sign and countersign,

“Call: Are you a green fool
Counter: Only when I die.”

That was it.

Having little to go on, I sent Jan to hire a bounty hunting team to act as a smokescreen for our operations. I would communicate with the hunters via the Farspeaker network. With fortune, any hunters would zero in on their operation and overlook our own. And, if we were lucky, they might even catch the trail.

While our killers hired more killers, I sent Kyzak and Neithe to establish a large shipment of goods from A’Davar to Arkstone to establish cover for my team’s insertion into Arkstone. Otherwise, our arrival might just tip our hands. Outside of the added income, plausible movements were the primary reason I set up our front company. Now, all our hard work begins to pay dividends.

Per usual, Gobsworth set up funds for the bounty hunters and prepared to move central operations to our Arkstone offices.

Gray Winds 27th, 3127
Jan managed to hire a trio of hunters:

Felix brinchie
Oryn human
Brog orc

Gray Winds 28th, 3127
Kyzak secured several wagons large enough for our trade goods and our personal effects.

White River 1st, 3127
We arrived on the 1st just after a heavy snow. Already, the mercenaries had found alead to Ravdren Whitaker (real name of White Raven). By heading to the city central servies under the guise of a disputed contract, Gobsworth found that the Green Acrobats performed in the city a few months ago. We believed the White Raven was associated due to the code phrase established.

I had Jan follows mercs. Predictably, he saw strangers, likely Tor Mastak, following mercs, but nothing out of the normal. Neithe discovered that the Raven is still probably in town, and there are a lot of extra Tor Mastak hunting the city. Rumor suggests the target possibly has comprising information on the Grand Marshal of Kal’Montak. That would certainly explain the hunt.

Late in the day, Kyzak finds that the Tor Maska have hunter teams in the area. They have established a special checkpoint north of the city blocking traffic to and from. They are likely using special Tor Mastak magic to track their mark. However, since he has managed to evade capture for over a week, it is likely he is hiding in a magic dead zone. So, our search focuses on the circus and locating magic dead zones large enough to hide a man within the city.

Kyzak and Neithe investigate the circus and manage to turn one of the target’s allies. We get a location, but getting him out seems nigh impossible. Gobsworth and Jan do some investigation and come up with an idea of how to get him out, but it will cost a fortune and require high end magic which is not readily avaialble. I send Kyzak, Niethe, and Karma to purchase the goods while Jan and Ach’Te are tasked with finding a weakness in the net cast by Tor Mastak.

White River 3rd, 3127
Kyzak reached out to the Unchained with a request to purchase. They set up a meet with a contact. Most of the team arrives only to find their contact is none other than the Fanged wolf, commander of the Black Wolf Brigade. His presence alone confirms the value of the target’s information. Though the Fanged Wolf we ordered a High Magic Conceal potion, a Doppleganger potion, and a High Magic Dispel potion. We also purchased a normal Strength potion and lethal poison.

Despite the rarity and difficulty in procuring the goods, the Fanged Wolf showed little concern. He set up a meet in two days to delivery.

White River 5th, 3127
True to his word, the Fanged Wolf met with the team to deliver the goods as requested. As soon as the goods were secured, Kyzak converted some of the poison into a biteable tooth. Again, he appears to have a knack for such work.

All that remains now is to enact the plan. I will lead the team to the location discovered by Corporal Kyzak while Ach’Te gathers a force of men outside the southern gates. Once we have secured the target, using the pre-arranged code, I will use the doppleganger potion to make a perfect imitation and drink the strength potion so I could still lift my hammer in his guise.

Once we have a false trail, the White Raven will take the High Magic Conceal. Though not a permanent solution, it should buy time to get him out of the city. From there, Corporal Kyzak and the rest of the team will smuggle the man out through the south, the weak point in the Tor Mastak net.

As soon as they are clear, I will make a break for the East gate. If we are lucky, the Tor Mastak will follow me, eventually catching me. From there, I will revert with the HM Dispel and turn the trap on the hunters.

Of course, no plan survives first contact with the enemy.



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