Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 25 (Delta)

Scouting Tempest

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Gray Winds, 23rd, 3127

After the Prince approved our creation of a covert team operating in the city, I sent my Rangers to establish various fronts. Karma used her connections with the nobility of the city, and her generous donation to Raz Dash to make contact with the Cult. She began testing cultists to find those less pleased with the new militant wing forming around the Xaos sect within the greater cult.

Gobsworth gained employment within A’Davar’s bureaucracy. Though not a high place official, our connections secured him a senior position. A “rubber stamper” whose main function was to route paperwork and ensure official compliance. There at the heart of A’Davar’s governement would have access to tax records, deployments, appointments and all the day to day operations. We could even generate whatever paperwork needed to further our operations.

Ach’Te and Jan reached out to the mercenaries in the city, selecting from among those newcomers to the desert whose loyalties had not yet been bought. Armed with sufficient gold, these operators were easily contracted.

To Niethe I tasked with walking among the common folk, the disenfranchised. Overlooked and ignored, the poor see all and are so easily swayed by a little kindness. Through Niethe’s efforts, we began to establish a network of “birds” in the city who would report on movements within the city.

Kyzak established a communication network, through secure deadrops and anonymous cutouts to deliver information and reports to our operations. He certainly has a skill for such skullduggery.

While my men worked, I spent the month maintaining the syndicate and ranger bureaucracy in their absence Paperwork is hardly my specialty but a lifetime of military reports has equipped me with a tolerance for the mundane, and an exacting mind.

White Stagg 30th, 3127

With no official missions from command, I ordered Corporal Kyzak to send the new team hired by Ach’Te and Jan to track down the Tempest team that committed murders in the city. Even after confronting them and forcing them to relinquish the jewelry, it rankled that they had committed such an obvious murder within the Prince’s kingdom and had faced no justice.

If we could offer legal redress of these crimes and offenses, we would certainly ingratiate ourselves with the Prince.

Gray Winds 23rd, 3127

After nearly a month-long operation, Jan and Ach’Te return from scouting the Tempest position. They arrive with a wealth of information. First, they reported that Xaos has established a foothold in and abandoned ruins of Raz Dash.

Furthermore, the Tempest encampment was located near the river to the north. More than a simple camp, the fort boasted artillery, with cavalry (10 horse) and about fifty legionaries. A hard nut to crack. It was about seven to ten days north and being supplied by farms in the area. They identified one of the prime collaborators, a man named Pete, or the snake man. This trader appeared to be a primary source of supply.

Our plan is to approach Pete via our syndicate and integrate our operations into their supply chain.



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