Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 23

Festival Day Nightmare

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Harvest Moons, 33rd, 3127

Our day began normally enough at 9PM. The team prepared for the days festival. I chose a western style gambeson and chain, scimitar, and red stash over my my heavier, hotter, and recognizable armor. When, not if, things went bad, I wanted to be able to blend.

The Lieutenant gathered us all in our Festival Best and we made our way to the lists. Our seats were near, but not with our exalted overlords.

The Dignitary list included, but was not excluded to:

The Exalted Princes of A’davar

The High and Mighty Prince Romar

The Grand Vizier of the Court

and her High Priestess Fatima of the Cult of Raz’dash

We took our seats among the honored guests, I in the back, well away from any well wishers. Almost the entire team was in attendance. Jan and Ach’Te were sent to roam and patrol. I’ve learned to keep the big cats occupied lest they get antsy.

The LT seemed pleased to announce that Niethe entered the mounted archery contest. She even won. I am impressed, though not surprised.

Later in the afternoon, just as the sheep dragging contest began, giant scorpions exploded out of the ground in the field. I order Gobsworth to retrieve my hammer, then leap the fence charge the center scorpion. Corporal Kyzak charges the second off to my right.

Karma stayed in the lists, while Gobswoth and the LT disappeared into the crowd, presumably to gather our gear.

From the crowds I heard fighting and snarling. The cats were making their mark. And then, a beam of light split the sky. Reaper rifles. Nasty enough to punch through my armor with ease.

But, I had a scorpion to deal with. Evil bugs, but not particularly dangerous. They just took forever to squash. If I had my hammer…

I wailed on the one while the Corporal wailed on the other for what seemed like an eternity. Then, the LT arrive with a wagon, dumping our gear on the ground. Corporal went for our weapons, hers and mine while I finished off the first scorpion.

From the stands, I could see the Princes evacuating. Karma blasted a hole clean through so the Princes could drop out of the sniper’s line of fire. Good work.

The Corporal got me my hammer, and I put down the second bug in a blow. Swords are useless.

I saw the cats, or Ach’te, sprinting toward what I gathered was the sniper. Jan was killing something off to my right, so I shouted for Kyzak to follow me while the LT took command of the field. Together, we sprinted across the field and into the hole with the Princes, Karma and the royal guard. We followed them down. It’d be just like Xaos to bait the Princes into running right into an ambush.



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