Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 22

Scarab Necklace

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Harvest Moons, 31st, 3127

Harvest Moons 13th, 3127
Just after the 13th hour, the column of freed slaves and our forces headed to the Oasis. We arrive without issue. Lt. Cromwell and Gobsworth conducted an inventory and headcount. Karma checked the local magical background. Ach’Te and Jan checked the backtrail. Corporal Kyzak and Neithe patrolled the oasis. I headed to a high dune to wait for Xaos, should they wish to speak.

After a time, I met with the Xaos commander. Both of us were satisfied with the conclusion of our battlefield truce. He disappeared into the sands.

Gobsworth reported we have little food. Corpoal Kyzak put the column on half rations. Ach’Te scouted ahead. Jan scouted the rear. Karma dispenses food. Niether hunted for any available food. I remained with the rear guard.

Harvest Moons 16th, 3127
After 3 days, the column arrived in the city that we left. Those villagers rescued from the city were pleased, offering food and shelter to the others. I took command of the city defense while the Lt met with local leaders. Karma and Neithe return to the Temple of Raz-Dash to speak with their new friends.

We ate and rested.

Harvest Moons 17th, 3127
Departed for A’Davar early in the morning.

Harvest Moons 21st, 3127
We arrived in A’Davar. The Lt dismissed the militia unit. Ach’Te took the prisoner, stumpy, to get healed per our arrangement. Delta team was ordered to escort the refugees before being relieved of duty to bath and rest.

Ach’Te reported that the prisoner had been healed by the Temple of Raz-Dash. He planned on offering Stumpy a job in his growing merc army. Stumpy accepted.

After everyone left, I met personally with the Lt to turn over the magic artifact. I also reported to the Lt about my temporary battlefield truce with Xaos. At this time I also recommended commendation for Delta Team for actions above and beyond the call of duty.

Harvest Moons 22nd, 3127
At aroudn 10 AM Lt puts me in charge of the city Rangers. At aroudn 12PM, the LT returns, then departed with Karma. Then at 7PM, the Lt and Karma return from office, dressed nicely. They had just returned from the Prince with news.

Good news: The artifact was clean.
Great new: Prince gave blessing over the artifact
Bad news: The artifact was a Scarab amulet belonging to High Priest of Raz-Dash.

The Prince then planned a party to display his new acquisition. We, ofcourse, would be required to attend.

Harvest Moons 24th, 3127
We received a message from the Prince announcing the Harvest Moons 33rd “Harvest Festival”

Harvest Moons 31st, 3127
A couple days before the event, I visit Ach’Te and ordered him to gather a team of revelers to mingle with the crowd and provide ground security Non-lethal damage only. For the next few days, the entire time readies themselves for the event.



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