Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 21

Tempest Excavation

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Harvest Moons, 13th, 3127

Harvest Moons 12th, 3127

After defeating the Tempest rear guard and taking a prisoner, we followed Tempest deeper into the desert. Around 3PM we arrived within sight of Tempest excavation site near desert ruins. I pulled back and deployed scouts.

The scouts reported back of a nearby oasis and rocky outcrop. As the only watering hole in the area, the oasis was NOT an ideal. There was a high likelihood that Tempest waterbearers made regular trips, as it being the only water source available. So, I chose the rocky outcrop.

When we arrived, we found large windcaves large enough for our mounts, as well as, our men. Corporal Kyzak and Karma established camp. I sent the scouts up the rocks to keep watch on the Tempest camp. Neithe cared for our mounts and the remounts we recovered from the fallen Tempest mercenaries.

As the cave system ran far deeper than our camp, once the camp was more or less established, I ventured deeper to ensure we would not be flanked from below. Well I did. A short way beyond the light, I was surrounded by a group Xaos cultists. Alone, in the dark, I knew I had only to hold them at bay for 5-6 more minutes until Corporal Kyzak would bring relief.

Surprisingly, they did not attack. Rather, their leader informed me that they wanted to eliminate the Tempest, and only Tempest. As our orders were to engage the Tempest, our goals were in line, if only just. So, given the reality of the situation, I elected to join in a brief military alliance. The leader chose two guards and we returned to camp.

Xaos deferred to me. My plan was simple. I, Ach’Te, and Jan would pose as Tempest mercenaries to gain entrance to their main gate near the 13th hour. Once spotted, we would go loud and begin assault. Meanwhile, Xaos assassins will flank and take down ranged mercs and Tempest mages. Meanwhile, Corporal Kyzak would take Karma and Neithe around the flank and wait for our attack, Once the enemy was focused on our frontal assault, they would blow a hole in the wall and begin to evacuate the Tempest slaves. Our timing would depend on an interrogation of our prisoner.

Xaos agreed and withdrew to wait for our approach to signal the attack.

With our army gathered, I dispatched Kyzak and Ach’Te interrogate prisoner. They were successful, and avoided undo harm. While they worked, Jan scouted, and Neithe cared for the horses, I prepared the Tempest mercs gear for the assault.

After a short interogation, Ach’ter returned with good information: Tempest was using many slaves, there were no more than five actual Tempest legionnaires, they were supported by about 25 mercenaries. The entire camp was commanded by an Aevakar, apparently turned to Tempest. The best shift change occurred at midpoint between dusk and dawn, near the 13th hour. We further learned that the Aevkar had a small, private camp at rim of excavation site.

With our information, I prepared the team, and ordered Corporal Kyzak to establish the rendez vous at the Oasis. The slaves would require water before crossing the desert, and the Oasis was larger, inviting, and somewhat defensible.

Around 5PM, I was contacted by Gobsworth through the Farspeaker. I reported in, and asked for reinforcements to assist the slaves. After that, I put the team on 2 hour watches and ensured that everyone hydrated well.

Around midnight, the teams departed, Corporal Kyzak taking supplies and mounts. Ach’Te and I rode captured mounts, and Jan ran on foot. When within close sight, Jan cast Invisibility and then followed on foot.

As planned, we rode upon the gate and provided the watchword given by the prisoner. He was true to his word. We managed to pass the gate before our ruse was revealed. At this, I ordered Jan to take out the towers, while I and Ach’Te charged the commander’s camp. Ach’Te and I reached the camp at near the same time. He engaged the Tempest guards, while I crashed through the commander’s tent and the slate roof of his abode.

He was not present. So, I threw one Tempest down the pit, and attempted to question the second, but he refused to reveal the Commander’s location, so he too was tossed. Neither died. By then, Corporal’s team breached and the Xaos assassins engaged the Tempest Mage. Surprisingly, the Lt. and Gobsworth arrived with reinforcements and wagons. After dispatching my scouts to take down the remaining Tempest, I returned to the Lt to provide information on the battle.

Once done, all was moving well, save for Ach’Te taking a bad wound from the last standing Tempest legionnaire. I reached him quickly enough and together, we slew the last Legionnaire. With their master’s dead and the camp breached, the mercenaries began to flee. The Lt. took over evacuation of the slaves, so I raided the enemy storehouse.

There I found one unique medallion I feel bears study. With time to spare, I recovered as many of the artifacts as I was able to package and load on the wagons as the slaves were loaded for withdrawal.

En mass, we retreated from the camp and arrived at the Oasis, leaving the Tempest and mercenaries to the Xaos.



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