Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 19 (Delta)

Gobsmacked setting up full Operations

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Forest Dance 22nd, 3127

Our operations move forward. We have a new arrival, an accountant, sent by Lt. Cromwell. And, there is the matter of Rover, Ranger at Large. Ranger presence in the west seems to increase.

Dancing Clouds 12th, 3127
After Delta teams successful retrieval and delivery of Tempest’s floater, my team strategized on our next moves. A’Davar operations were well in place, and we had much to do in Arkstone before moving on.

But, before that, our headquarters in Arkstone received two visitors sent by Lt. Cromwell. The guide was an Alakar Ranger named Rover. With him was the newest edition to our team, a goblin accountant, Gobsworth. Considering the ambitious nature our operations, I suppose I cannot blame the Lt.

Once they arrived, I received their paperwork, then dismissed Rover to wash down the dust while I introduced Gobsworth to our operation. The briefing was short. Once he was read in, I sent him over to Ach’Te to help the head of our Arkstone operation set up the necessaries.

That done, I worked through paperwork. Neithe went to find Corporal Kyzak who, in turn, set up a meet that eve at a local restaurant. Other than Ach’Te and Kyzak requesting a meeting to discuss their relationship, not much happened.

I did have a private word with Rover about another operation.

That evening, we all gathered at the Stonework Tavern for dinner. There, everyone was introduced. We ate, discussed. Over the next few I planned to work with Kyzak to research goods to ship north on our venture into the Empire. Meanwhile, Ach’Te continued to work with Gobsworth on putting together our permanent security force.

Dancing Clouds 18th, 3127

A week later, laden with grain and other goodstuffs, we rolled out of Arkstone headed for Kal’Tor, our third leg. The border was heavily fortified. Which is unsurprising. First, it was smashed by Fekla and Korash, then held for two weeks by the Black Wolf Brigade. I have no doubt many Kal commanders were granted a personal audience with Ceynara after that series of failures. Nevertheless, our trip was mercifully uneventful. Though, we did travel with two of Ach’Te’s mercenaries.

Dancing Clouds 23rd, 3127

Our humble caravan rolled into Kal’Tor. The first task was for Kyzak and Niethe to unload the saleable goods while the rest of us found a room. All was accomplished with alacrity, though I imagine the local grain brokers were none too pleased with us undercutting their profits selling our goods wholesale. I fully expect retaliation.

Over the next couple weeks, Kyzak chose an old farmstead outside of town to serve as our HQ and we moved operations there. Ach’Te and Kyzak headed into town and purchased a supply of weapons for sale in the Defiant Lands. Per usual, we acquired a small selection of top tier weapons, a larger portion of military grade, and then the bulk of serviceable arms. With the wars brewing across the Defiant Lands and desert, arms fetch a high price.

While my Rangers were otherwise occupied, I negotiated a contract with the Farspeaker Guild for services rendered. With their services secured, we now had our own reliable network of communication. My first message was to deliver our progress report to the Ranger offices, via our retained Adept in A’Davar. Delivered our our “man inside the Ranger HQ” It is dangerous to mix our operations, but I need to see who can be trusted, while still maintaining operational security.

Forest Dance 5th, 3127
Laden with large supply of military goods, we departed Kal’Tor, heading south for Arkstone.

Forest Dance 10th, 3127
We arrived in Arkstone having seen no Black Wolf Brigade. Good riddance.

Forest Dance 16th. 3127
After selling our goods at a sizable profit and picking up relief supplies for A’Davar, we rolled south. Again, encountering no difficulties.

Forest Dance 22nd, 3127
We rolled into A’Davar. I tasked Karma with selling our goods, while I headed to the Ranger HQ to report into the Lt. Cromwell. Based on our successes so far, there very well may be little need for us to travel often. With our bonded adept in A’Davar, and our Farspeaker network, we can operate most of the business straight from A’Davar.



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