Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 17 (Delta)

Purchasing ki Arzin Merchant House

Sergent Nichts Report

Filed Festival Moons 30th, 3127

The only potentially illegal component to our otherwise legitimate business was to ship under the charter of the ki Arzin merchant group. In that moment, we used their name to flush out the Black Wolf brigade to preserve Light and Life, AND improved the standing and future of said company. Regardless, technically, our forged paperwork as representatives of ki Arzin remained the sole legal vulnerability to our operation. This would be easily remedied through legal purchase of the company, assets, and contracts. With our recent success, we did so.

Festival Moons 23rd, 3127
While Delta Team took much needed leave, I began the long, legal process to establish our organization. Though we had our liscense and permits to operate within A’Davar, and the Kal Empire, and were near to legal operation in Arcstone, there were facilities to register, supplies to purchase, wagons and horses to rent, money to borrow, gifts to provide… I always hated quartermaster work in the army. Now look.

Festival Moons 25th, 3127
In the morning, we called the team back from leave. I did not ask. I never do.

The LT began his morning brief. Apparently Tempest had a legal presence in Arkstone. They made some deal or other. I suppose it is well we did not kill the Tempest operating in A’Davar. There might have been political ramifications.

Also, reports indicated strange, new abominations spotted around Arkstone; the Wild. I don’t recall ever encountering them personally, but I hear they are nasty on a whole different level.

Apparently Kyzak had some religious leanings. He suggested keeping watch on Temple of Raz’Dash. Considering how close Xaos and Raz’Dash worshipers, nay cultists, seem to me, I’m not surprised the Corporal is suspicious.

Once the Lt. left the room, I lay out plan to purchase the Arkstone trade family, and send Ach’Te and Kyzak to make contact with Tempest once we arrive in Arkstone. With the successful purchase of ki Arzin, we would have three distinct trade organizations. One operating out of A’Davar under the grace of Karma’s house. The Arkstone front would be ki Arzin, but Ach’Te has here-to-fore acted as our liaison. Lastly, our Kal operation is the most…difficult. In the first place we have an…agreement…with the Black Wolves. And, we are still, technically, working with the Kal security forces. Our standing is tenuous at best. Fortunately, Kyzak has in intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Empire.

So, upon successful acquisition of ki Arzin, I am prepared to launch three codependent trade operations.

Kyzak to lead of Kal front
Ach’Te to lead of Arkstone front
Karma to lead on A’Davar front

Each leader is to style their branch per their tastes, with Ach’Te tasked the extra duty of building our own small private mercenary force. For Karma and Kyzak, I foresee advantageous arranged marriages in our future.

Festival Moons 28th, 3127
We arrived in Arkstone and returned to our collective house. How long since we were here last? Months? It feels like a lifetime. Though, once our deal is complete this will serve as Ach’Te’s HQ. There will be staff day and night. I bought dinner and we ate together, planning for the morning. Kyzak, Ach’Te and Niethe planned on heading to the Tempest temple outside the city and work on negotiating a trade contract. As odd as it may seem, we will learn more about Tempest operations, and plans, in this region posing as their supply line than direct confrontation.

Meanwhile, Karma, Jankem, and I planned on heading to purchase ki Arzin Merchants trade empire. I’ve been there before under numerous guises. This time, I planned to wear the visage of Mrs. White. The Lady of Death. I detest the pageantry, the false drama. However, it serves a purpose. It protects the Rangers. It protects my team. It is necessary.

Festival Moons 29th, 3127
In the morning, I headed to the ki Arzin Merchant House with Karma and Jankem. Negotiations were brief. Importantly, we successfully purchased the ki Arzin trade empire effectively securing our flanks, legally speaking. Nothing now prevents Delta Team with moving forward with our plans.

We scheduled the official legal transfer in the morning with a House/Man/Criminal empire known as the Ve’souri. The Ve’souri pose as a perfectly legitimate legal firm. Rumors are they are actually involved with, or a front for Red Store. Which, within the Southern Kingdoms would be a crime. Here, it is the cost of doing business. Red Store IS the marketplace.

Red Store. Tempest. I would not be surprised if we were forced to make deals with Xaos next.

We chose to have dinner in. Kyzak and Ach’Te informed me that Tempest would consider a contract if we could procure five branches scorched by Lightning. As they did not specifcy the type, and we assume they wanted non-Tempest lightning, we waited till dark to let Karma do her work. We went to a nearby hill where Karma blows up a tree.We selected 10 of the best scorched branches for Tempest. On a hunch, I asked Karma to hit me with the lightning spell. She nearly fried me in my armor. Impressive. Her skills have grown.

Festival Moons 30th, 3127
In the morning, Ach’Te and Kyzak delivered the 10 scorched branches to Tempest Temple. They accepted the proof and we are officially in business with Tempest.

At the appropriate time, I arrived 10 min early for my appointment. The Ve’souri officers are opulent. The meeting was scheduled in a private booth. It took a couple hours of paperwork, bu in the end, my corporation was the proud owner of ki Arzin Merchant house..

We all retired to the house. There we traded information, and discussed Tempest’s latest request. Tempest requires Ceynara’s Fire. Kyzak is certain we can acquire the drug, but I want to know more about what it does before turning it over. Moreover, they also seem to be interested in old jewelry, like the one they stole in A’Davar. There is something there. So, I include in this report.

Tempest is hunting for old jewels or jewelry. Purpose? Unknown, but they are willing to kill. They may be in search of some specific artifact. Many Turned artifacts dot the lands. Or, they may be hoading them for some reason.

I’ve already begun filing for our three separate front companies:
Kal’Tor, under Kyzak
Arkstone, under Ach’Te
A’Davar, under Karma

For further protection, all the front companies are controlled by a parent company with a mailing address in Arrak. The Rangers have influence the Gather, and they are entirely neutral.


Contact played for Ceynara’s Fire
Revelation played for market research


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