Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 15

Mrs. White

Sergeant Nichts Report

Filed: Festival Moons 22nd, 3127

After liberating A’Davar and A’Morgal, defeating a Kal and Maelstrom army in the field, and managing to save Alpha Team in the process, Delta Team is assigned to find a misplaced piece of jewelry.

Festival Moons 11th, 3127
Break camp and head back to A’Davar.

Festival Moons 15th, 3127
We arrive on the 15th, and meet with Lt. Cromwell in his office. After reporting in, we are given 6 days leave. Before releasing the team, I was forced to give Jankem a Verbal Warning for disobeying orders and breaking cover while waiting to rejoin Lt. Cromwell’s column.

The Team immediately split off. Ach’Te rented a room and partied with copious amounts of Floaters. Karma rejoined her family and spent a week partying with old friends. Neithe went looking for horses. I honestly don’t know where the Corporal disappeared.

I spent my week repairing gear, catching up on paperwork, and reading reports. Most importantly, I penned a letter to Karma’s house expressing gratitude for their support. Best keep our hosts happy.

Festival Moons 19th, 3127
Despite my best efforts, I was required to attend a formal party hosted by our hosts. Apparently, Karma’s family felt necessary to show off their pet heroes to all of their political allies and enemies in the city. There was a laundry list of dignitaries, non of which I really remember. I suppose in the future I should pay closer attention. I sat in the corner and drank. Karma and Kyzak mingled. Ach’Te got high. Jan, slept under a bench.

Festival Moons 22nd, 3127
On the morning of the 22nd, we reported for duty. With no more armies threatening to raze the city, we were assigned to city patrol. I split the team into three units. RFC Karma and Ach’Te, Corporal Ryzak and RFC Neithe, and I partnered with Jan. With only three teams to cover the city, we set up rotating patrols, covering three quadrants of the city, then moving in sequence to the next.

In afternoon, see smoke. When we arrive, find a warehouse nearly burned down. City guards on site inform me that members of my team is in pursuit of witnesses. I send Jan to track my team and the witnesses. We find Kyzak and Neithe talking to 5 Aradi men on a street corner. As we approach, one man breaks and runs down an alley. Jan and I quickly catch him. The man claims to have seen the fire started via a bright flash, but claims to have had no part in the arson. However, he and his friends ran from the fire, and he then ran from the group. That and he reeks of smoke and soot.

Returning to the group, Karma identifies him as magic, but unfamiliar. She describes him as darkness and shadow. Add to the flash of light, and I suspect Xaos, but with no proof, I have Corporal take statements. While my team investigates, I speak with guards. With nothing left to do, we turn over to the locals to the guards.

That done, we return to the warehouse fire to investigate. The warehouse belonged to a local purveyor of goods. I speak with the man, but he claims to have no idea why his warehouse was burned, though his wares mostly ship from Arkstone.

Even then, the warehouse smoldered. So, I stripped my plate, soaked my gambeson and entered the still burning building. I found little, but managed to salvage his safe. Once clear, I rolled out the flames in the sand, and gathered my gear and team.

We returned to the HQ to report to Lt. Cromwell. As we enter, Karma notes her father arguing with one of the local Shieks. We leave her to investigate while we report to Cromwell.

I leave Corporal in charge, while I go put myself out. When I return, Karma notifies me that her family demands our assistance. Apparently, Shiek Sudan ki Almeris’ family heirloom went missing at the Karma house during the party. A Gold Ring with a white stone. The Lt. orders the team to track down the ring.

Kyzak remembers that the Shiek stopped showing off the ring toward the last 30-45 min to show off the ring. Though, we have no idea whether it was stolen, or the Shiek merely claimed it stolen to shame Karma’s House. With the tense political situation, we have few avenues of investigation.

So we send Ach’Te to speak with his dealer. The dealer suggests the Shiek valued his ring and, though many thieves covet it, none had been close. So, if it HAD been stolen, that would have been big news within the criminal community. I sincerely doubt the ring was stolen.

Since we cannot approach the Shiek directly, and going through the Prince implicates his house, we decied to get into the floater business, hire an Adept, and attack the problem asymmetrically. I sent Ach’Te and Neithe to hire a prostitute from the dealer, set up a meeting to hire a local adept, and to set up a meet to expand our “Trade Consortium” into the floater business out of A’Davar.

They set up the meet, and I have the escort massage and lotion my burns, while Karma dresses in her finest. With the Lt.‘s approval, I went to the city administrative offices and purchased the appropriate licenses to conduct business in A’Davar. With out contacts in the Kal, Arkstone, and now A’Davar, we have a potential multi-national trade business to fund our Ranger outpost, and provide cover for any operations in the region. After which, I sent the escort back to her employers with tales of our power and influence.

My new alias within A’Davar is Mrs White.

In a few days, we will hire the Adept to locate the Ring. We will also establish trade with the local floater suppliers and expand operations. Purchasing weapons in the Empire and floaters from the Desert Princes, we will make a profit from Kal’Grondor to A’Morgal.

Sergeant Nichts


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