Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 14

Retreat from A'Morgal

Sergeant Nichts Report

Filed: Festival Moons 10th, 3127

Successfully evaded the Maelstrom out of A’Morgal, and rejoined Lt Cromwell.

Festival Moons 7th, 3127

We rode hard north along the A’Morgal-A’Davar rode. Maelstrom or A’Morgal riders hot on our tail. We could see little of them, just flashing blades in the dark.

After a few hours, we managed to put enough distance between our unit and the hunters to break for cover. It was this point when Ach’Te and Niethe managed to catch up with us. They were fresh from our Southern camp having completed their obligations to Alpha Team.

With both my scouts, we cut east toward the mountains, keeping just ahead of hunters. Once close, I sent Ach’Te ahead to find us a hole to hide in. His skills prevailed and he managed to find a rocky alcove, hidden from site from the lowlands and large enough for horses.

We bedded down, taking watches. I commanded the first two with Ach’Te and Jan respectively. Corporal Kayzak commanded the third and fourth with Neithe, then Karma. All night we were surrounded by army an army. We belive it was Maelstrom, but we counted no more than a hundred in the broken terrain and dim of the eve.

Festival Moons 8th, 3127

Fortunately, we woke without incident. I sent Ach’Te and Jan to find western route into the foothills to escape. The scouts threaded the enemy camps through the foothills and found a route east.

With Ach’Te on point, and Jan bringing up the rear, we walked the horse through the foothills. We made the trek without being spotted, but our initial estimates were far off. There were many times a hundred, and they were spreading out, searching.

Once deeper in the hills, we turned back north, keeping to the lowlands. Ach’Te up front, Neithe in the rear with Jan flanking our western side, near the road. Toward mid day, Ach’Te falls back. He spotted a large column marching south along the road.

We camped to hide the horses and observe the column. I sent our scouts to watch while we rested and watered out mounts. While we waited, Ach’Te remained in position, but Jan defied orders and was captured.

I later learned from Lt. Cromwell that he was spotted by the column pickets. Though he managed to evade, he instead of returning to alert the team, he instead attempted to infiltrate the column and was captured.

Fortunately, Ach’Te followed orders and returned to report. We were already heading back toward the column when Jan was sent by Cromwell to find us. Leaving Ach’Te and Niethe to cover us, in case this was a ruse, we followed Jan back to the LT.

Only once the Lt. confirmed his identity with the proper countersign, I ordered Karma to signal Ach’Te and Niethe with a signal arrow. Once my team arrived, I sent them with the Corporal to eat and rest while I debriefed with the LT. He informed me about Jan’s capture.

I reported our successful mission and the presence of a large force just south of the column’s position. Though, the information was almost a day old, and I could not confirm numbers. The Lt. advised the desert riders to pull back, and we moved with the column into the hills.

Once returned to my team, I ordered Jan and Ach’Te build map with Karma. The map complete, Ach’Te, Neithe and I debriefed with LT. They reported their actions with Alpha Team. I was unimpressed.

We proposed a plan to send Delta team back through the foothills with A’Davar scouts to a position near the Maelstrom. From there, we would break through the lines “as if escaping,” and ride hard into the desert. With luck, the Maelstrom would chase and we would hopefully lead them into an ambush.

Once all was done, I went with Ach’Te to find water nearby. There was a small secluded pond where Delta Team took a couple hours to bathe and clean. We had not had such a chance for weeks.

We returned, tended the horse, then I gave the team the night off to drink. Karma took the time to study with Desert druids. I wrote reports and waited for Command to report in to Cromwell. When they did, I finally learned what our mission had been about.

Apparently, Alpha Team failed in negotiations with the Black Mountain dwarves. During an attack on a wedding, the body of the Clan Chief of the Rockbreakers was stolen by Xaos agents from A’Morgal. The dwarves had declared war and marched on A’Morgal, but it was a trap to pit the dwarves, Maelstrom, and the Prince of A’Morgal against each other in a pitched battle to weaken or destroy them all…leaving Xaos in control.

Since we managed to rescue the body, Alpha Team had a chance to stop the dwarves and even negotiate an alliance. This also left Xaos witout a seat of power. Our mission likely saved many thousands of innocent lives. That, and we had lured Maelstrom into the open.

All according to plan.

Returning to my camp I had managed to requisition a tent fly for my team. It was a luxury, sleeping out of army, under a linen fly with my team around me. Almost like the war. Almost.

Festival Moons 9th, 3127

In the morning, I debriefed the team. Corporal Kyzak procured three days rations, mounts, and gear. I met with the officers to finalize plans. The Riders agreed.

We rode south until dark, camping not far south of our previous spot. We waited until after the 13th hour before sending Ach’Te to find us a weak point in the enemy lines.

Festival Moons 10th, 3127

Ach’Te returned with news of a picket isolated from the others. We mounted up. Ach’Te on point. Corporal Kyzak second, Karma, then me. Jan, flanked on the south and Neithe brought up the fear to cover us.

We rode out in column, slamming into their isolated picket line from the weak side. Ach’Te his them first. They never recovered. We cut their line like a hot knife through butter.

With Ach’Te’s roaring, and Karma lighting up half the desert with her magic, we managed to bring down half the Maelstrom army down on our heads. We could hear them shouting, their horns blowing.

Hot on our heals. Perfect. We rode like the wind, arrows whistling through the air around us.

An hour over the dunes with them right on our heals, Ach’Te vanished over a dune. Then I followed. There, the line of desert riders waited.

As soon as I saw them, I rolled off the horse and prepared to receive a charge, calling my team to me. All but Neithe dismounted, better on foot.

The Maelstrom were full committed, they never saw the ambush. The Riders hit them at speed, arrows flying. Our dismounted cut down their lead riders causing a pile up of broken horses. It was a bloodbath.

Only a few managed to escape. A’Morgal would be on alert, but that ship had sailed.

Once the battle was over, we made camp. Corporal Kyzak headed to the healers, while I spoke with our commanders. RFC Karma was placed in command.

Our orders were to rest, heal, clean and wait until morning. On the morning of the 11th of Festival Moons, before dawn we planned to break camp and return to A’Davar.

Our mission was a success, but I am faced with a difficult situation. Jankem disobeyed a direct order. He made contact with the enemy and betrayed our position. In this instance, he was lucky.

Under any normal circumstances, I would have addressed the issue on the spot. I should have. However, up until the Maelstrom were defeated, we were under duress. I will address the Lt on how he wishes to proceed.

Regardless, Ranger Jankem receives a formal reprimand for Direct Disobedience.



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