Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 13

Raid on A'Morgal Part One

Raid on A’Morgal

Sergeant Nichts Report

Filed Festival Moons 8th, 3127
Alpha Team. I suppose it was inevitable.

Eternal Sun 33rd, 3127
Not even cleaned fro battle, Lt. Cromwell calls us to escort Shiek Tamir’s caravan north to Arkstone. My six Rangers to protect three heavy wagons laden with trade goods for Arkstone markets. At least the Shiek was kind enough to allow us water to clean the blood and awful. It took me hour to pick all the brain matter from my chain.

We at least managed to get moving in good order. And, fortunately, or unfortunately depending on one’s view, the Black Wolf Brigade kindly secured our western flanks. Kind of like a feral dog keeping other feral dogs away from your camp so they can raid you at night.

Thunder Hawk 3rd, 3127

By late morning, we arrived in Arkstone. Once the caravan was secured, the Shiek venturing off to make contact with the merchant’s of the city. He returned shortly and informed Delta Team that we were to escort him to his meeting with the Ve’Sorui around 3PM.

We escorted the Shiek to a palace of greed in Arkstone’s main market. High and mighty merchants flaunted their wealth and power. The merchant guards required the team to check their weapons before entering. None complained, though I felt naked without my arms.

Fortunately, when we arrived in the columned conference room, there was little threat from the pampered puffery in the room. Though, I imagine dangerous mercenaries lurked nearby.

Sheik Tamir engaged in trade negotations. Ach’Te paid close attention, and I assume Karma, but I tried hard not to nod off. Once negotations were completed, we returned to the inn the Shiek had booked. The team took turns on shift over the night, but all were afforded good rest.

Thunder Hawk 4th, 3127

In the morning, representatives of this Ve’Sorui took our three wagons of trade goods, and left five wagons of food and medical supplies for the relief of A’Davar. We left quickly, heading back south. No sign of the Black Wolves, but I could feel their black eyes upon us.

Thunder Hawk 9th, 3127

We arrived back at A’Davar. The city looked no worse for wear, despite having survived a months long siege. Already life was beginning to return to normal. Scavengers picked over the former Kal fortifications, but there was little other activity outside of the city.

Once in the city, we were released by the Sheik. I ordered the team to take down time, sending them off to get drunk, fornicate, or pray as their wont. We set to meet that night by 10PM, though it was to be informal.

I headed immediately to the Lt’s office. There, I turned in my field reports. Once dismissed, I got my first proper shower in weeks, and then spent a few hours maintaining my kit. Once I was good and clean, I donned my gear and headed to the southern wall.

Though it seemed everyone else had forgotten about the second Maelstrom army in their enthusiasm over our victory, I had not. Speaking with the guards, I learned that about the time the Kal forces fell to the north, the Maelstrom army, harassed by the Desert Riders, pulled up stakes and disappeared to the south.


At 10PM, Ach’Te, Neithe and Karma showed up drunk. The Corporal was…Kal. Surprisingly, Jan was not. Maybe he was trying to impress?

Lt. Cromwell presented our newest mission. With the Maelstrom retreat south toward A’Morgal, we were to link up with a group of Romar’s Desert Riders and track the southern army’s retreat.

Per my request, Neithe was promoted to Ranger First Class.

I would have promoted Karma and Jan, but until I die, our command structure is capped. Fortunately, I expect that to change sooner rather than later.

After the team headed to bed, I requested to meet with our new Farspeaker. She was a local Aradi girl. Something about her left me with a deep sense of abuse, but I remained silent. We established protocols.

Dismissed, I went to get some sleep.

Thunder Hawk 10th, 3127

I woke three hours before dawn and gathered our horses and supplies. Two hours before dawn, I arrived at the rally point near A’Davar’s south gate. An hour before dawn, the rest of the team arrived. Ach’Te had apparently discovered coffee and floaters. He was higher than a cloud.

Thunder Hawk 13th, 3127

With Ach’Te still feeling ill effects, we arrived at the Desert Rider Camp. I met with their commander, Zayeed. He informed me that they had tracked the Maelstrom south, following their swath of razed villages. He and his men were sweeping into the desert. We were to follow the A’Morgal road.

We camped the night.

Thunder Hawk 14th, 3127

Departing before dawn, I sent Jan out front, with Ach’Te sweeping our rear. Neithe rode wide east, tracking the mountain side of the road. Corporal, Karma, and I stayed the course along the main road, trailing remounts and pack animals behind.

Thunder Hawk 15th, 3127

Just after lunch, around 2pm, Jan returned noting a burned out village not far ahead. I dispatched Ach’Te, Jan, and Niethe to scout the camp, while the rest of us approached more slowly. We had just reached the outskirts when all Abyss broke loose.

Sand warriors sprang from the ground and surrounded Neithe. Then she vanished in a cloud of smoke. I think Jan must have dropped a smoke pellet. Next thing I knew, Karma rode in, blasting Sand Warriors apart with green jets from her hands. Corporal roared.

Ach’Te charged into the smoke to rescue Neithe, while Jan flanked the sand creatures.

While the team exercised some pent up frustrations, I rode over the well and smashed the ensorcelled handle. With the spell trigger demolished, the sand warriors disintegrated. To my confused team, I ordered everyone to water up before moving on.

Still, pretty clever trap.

Thunder Hawk 20th, 3127

We arrived in sight of A’Morgal early in the morning. The city was at least the size of A’Davar, but back up to the mountains, it was heavily fortified. I ordered the scouts, Jan, Ach’Te, and Neithe to scout the city, while I established a defensible base camp.

By afternoon, they returned to report no sign of Maelstrom, but the city was heavily fortified, and on war footing. Perfect.

After dark, we broke camp, and I moved the entire Team on a close semicircle west of the city, scouting the defenses and walls. We encountered several patrols. One rode close enough to catch snatches of Malakaran. While not conclusive evidence, I found it odd that Aradi dressed Malakaran mercenaries would be patrolling a Desert Prince’s holding. Something was wrong.

By dawn, we established a southern base camp, and settled in to watch.

Thunder Hawk 21st, 3127

After a few hours rest, I sent Karma and Neithe back north, to enter the city from a northern gate as travelers to scout past the outer curtain wall. They spent the day purchasing supplies and drinking in taverns. Just before dark, they exited the southern gate nearest out camp and rode to join us.

The upshot, Maelstrom forces had taken over the western part of the city. In large numbers. My suspicions confirmed, I waited till morning to report.

Thunder Hawk 22nd, 3127

In the morning, I reported to the Farspeaker. She ordered us back to the northern camp. So, we broke, and headed back, scouting the area for enemy troop movements.

Once we arrived, I ordered fortifications constructed. We were going to be here a while.

Turns out it was almost 3 weeks. We spent our days improving the camp, trading with merchants along the road, scouting the city, and…Niethe and Karma started a mud wrestling operation. Despite the breach in military discipline…I must admit it was an enjoyable distraction.

Festival Moons 4th, 3127

In the morning, I was contacted by the Farspeaker and ordered, alone, to head east into the mountains to meet a contact.

When I arrived an hour later, I found a dregordian, Corporal Sssahliissstah and another woman, vaguely Aradish, waiting near a cave entrance. I recognized the cloak and rank. The patch confirmed it.

Alpha Team.

Flaming Abyss.

Apparently, Alpha Team’s most recent mission had gone wrong. They received help escaping some dwarves, but were only just ahead of the hunt. There was something, though they never said, important in the city of A’Morgal.

IF they could recover it, they may prevent a war with the dwarves of the Black Mountains, or at least, gain them as allies vs enemies. The mission was so critical that Delta Team was ordered to support their mission.

We were ordered to move BACK to our southern camp, then on the 7th, secure a southern posturn gate and hold it for Alpha Team to escape. Once the plan was in motion, I was to sacrifice Delta Team to draw of the entire flaming Maelstrom army to by Alpha time to ride free.


Worse, we need to get Alpha’s archers into place to cover their retreat, and loan two members of our team to Alpha. Mostly, they needed a local Aradi to help infiltrate the city.

Under vigorous protest, I accepted the new mission.

Heading back, cursing the entire way, I arrived at my own camp and ordered Ach’Te and Neithe to accompany for the hand off. For my two, I was getting three from Alpha.

Leaving Corporal Kyzak in charge, I returned to the transfer point with Ach’Te and Neithe. There, we found Corporal Sssahliissstah, and her Farspeaker, standing with a massive ogress, a BUILDER, and an Aevakar pretty boy.

Warning the dregordian not to get my ppl killed, I returned to Delta Team with the three new members.

RFC Ranna, RFC Steelwing, and The Explorer.

Steelwing quickly ingratiated himself with the team, and within minutes was in the mud pit wrestling a mostly nude Karma. He won, though…both seemed to enjoy. The Builder dug a hole and burrowed in for the rest of the time. The ogress sat brooding.

Festival Moons 5th, 3127

We spent the day studying the city, watching the patrols. By nightfall, we headed back to our southern camp.

Festival Moons 6th, 3127

We arrived before dawn and set up camp. All day and night we watched the southern posturn gates, noting defenses, and patrols.

Festival Moons 7th, 3127

The day of the attack, we spent prepping gear and watching the gate. By nightfall, we moved out. Taking our time, we threaded through the patrols to a shallow wash within striking distance from the gate. There, we crouched, waiting.

As the 13th hour approached, we made our move.

Ranna and Steelwing dropped the guards on the wall above. With the pickets down, Ranna smashed down the door. Just inside, four guards sat around a fire playing cards.

Ranna pinned two together from a bold from her great crossbow. Karma, from nowhere, rode in, shooting down a third. Jan made swift work of the last. Steelwing landed on the wall and called an all clear.

With that, the gate was ours and no alarms were triggered. I sent everyone into position, while I disposed of the six bodies.

Less than a half an hour later, just into the 13th hour, alarm bells ring in the city. Then, the center of the city is lit by a sunflare.

Following orders, I transferred command of the gate to Ranna, ordered Delta Team to mount, before charging headlong through the city’s narrow streets toward the main northern gate.

Riding down anyone in our way, we caught the confused and disoriented troops unawares. We faced no real resistance till we reached the gate. Two blasts from Karma and the gate lay in ruins, at least two of the siege engines above shattered.

I rode through, taking a few arrows. Karma followed me as we broke south. Corporal Kyzak and Jan cleared the gate and broke north. We rode wide outside of the arch of the engines on the walls, before rejoining on the road.

Behind us, A’Morgal was rousing to anger. The Maelstrom camp buzzed like hornets as men rushed to the horse lines. I felt the contact of our Farspeaker on my mind.

Mission accomplished. Most of the Maelstrom and guards were focused on Delta Team. Alpha Teams escape route was secure. But, if Romar’s Riders didn’t show up, Delta Team, minus Ach’Te and Neithe who were to join us as soon as they cleared the city, would be dead…



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