Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 2

Arkstone: Tor Mastak and Unchained

Corporal Nicht

Filed Forest Dance 29th, 3126
Arkstone, Defiant Lands

Forest Dance 17th, 3126

We feasted in A’Davar. As much as one can in a city starved of food. At least the Prince was in a good mood to hear our plans. He agreed. The Posh alchemist was a downer, but the rest seemed game.

Forest Dance 18th, 3126

Recruit selection. I love the smell of sweat and fear in the morning. They were scrawny, angry, undisciplined rabble, a good start. For the record, we selected 18-30 year old males. Males because the Youlin Aradi are still of the mind that war is man’s folk. Idiots.

We took about 500. I took 250 and the Kal 250. I got the older, heavier, and larger recruits. The Kal got the rest. Not sure which one is luckier.

The Lt. mostly sat around looking self important.

One bright note, we gained a new recruit a cut above the rest. A local Lady, Karma. Young, intelligent, talented, magic. But, hands better suited for clerical work.

Kal and I flipped for her. I won. Highlight of the day.

We spent the next three days running drills. How to march in formation. How not to trip over your own feet. How to hold a weapon. How not to smack yourself, or your mates in the face. The basics.

Forest Dance 22nd, 3126

The Prince orders our column to protect a convoy headed north to Arkstone. With Xaos broken, mostly, and the storms subsided the path to trade had opened. Unfortunately, Kal still flooded the area making any attempts at travel difficult. So, we pulled caravan detail.

Could be worse.

We had three heavy wagons. I arrayed my force in a standard patrol, while Kal ranged out front, sides, and rear. Just as well. All that jogging makes me sick.

Forest Dance 25th, 3126

The Cat assigned to the Kal spooked a scout, working the Empire. Managed to bring him down. I was chatting with Karma when they dragged poor soul in. So, we knew there was an ambush, but…where.

So, we chose to spring the trap. But, I loaded most of my men into the empty wagons leaving a token force for appearances. The Kal pulled her men back, ranging out to our flanks, with only a few outward scouts.

Our counter ambush set, we headed out. A mile or so down the road, sure enough, four idiots popped out to rob us. I spoke with the lead man, with the Lt.’s permission. Gallantly, I offered to accept his surrender. He refused.

So, I killed him with my pointer finger. His second was more agreeable. He surrendered, and ordered his men to throw down their arms. But, the coward himself tried to run. Cat took care of him. Proud too. Must be feline thing.

The other two surrendered and were loaded into the wagons. And so, we continued. Later that eve, the Lt. broke off with the majority of the force, taking them to a base camp. We continued on to Arkstone.

Forest Dance 28th, 3126

And three days later we arrived. Arkstone, that independent paradise. That craphole. I ordered the Cat and the Kal to fall back, watch who watched us. Turned out to be smart.

I took Karma with me. We escorted the drovers in, set up negotiations. Once all that was finished, we found an Inn and waited for the others. When the Kal arrived, he reported about a group who intently watched us enter the city. A second group intently watched them.

Group A broke off after we entered the city, but group B continued to monitor us. After that, the Kal departed for his own mission. I tasked the Cat with continuing to monitor our tail as we “vacationed” in the city.

Forest Dance 29th, 3126

Karma and I made ourselves known, I her loyal guard. The Cat watched our watchers. He later reported that it was a well organized group, with many merchants and spotters. We were either dealing with Red Store, a local crime syndicate, enemy spies, or Kal. I bet Kal.

The Kal returned with a meeting place that eve. I went to overwatch, Karma and the Kal to meet. And the Kat to continue watching.

Everything seemed to go smooth, till the party crashers showed. Tor Mastak if I had to guess. Kal all but confirmed.

They chased us good, but we managed to duck them with help. Locals, unchained. They attacked the Kal, we managed to escape. It was close. Far to close. Arkstone is burned for out team.

Once the immediate threat was clear, we ducked the Kal patrols for about 50 miles. There, we met our contact. One of the Kal’s unchained friends. How the Kal ended up with those rebels, I would truly like to know. Though, if those are the friends she kept, I can see now why she’s on the other side.

After that, it was a long hike back to our forward base. But, we had a brush with Tor Mastak, which means our operation is marked. Time will Tell.



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