Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 27 (Delta)
Black Operations

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed White River 16th, 3127

White River 5th, 3127
With the White Raven located, my team made final preparations for what we knew to be a nasty fight.

Ach’Te headed out to hire mercenaries for a support force. When things got ugly, we’d need the numbers. His orders were to gather the mercs outside the walls to the south, but keep the men dispersed until just before we made contact. The last thing we wanted was to spook Tor Mastak into our activities early.

Gobsworth would serve as our “eyes” on the ground. I dispatched him back to our headquarters to prepare in case things did not go to plan.

Otherwise, my team prepared for the assault. We dropped everything identifying and left most of our kit with Gobsworth to transport later.

The weather was predictably cold, rainy, and overcast, which, was not bad for our operations. Already, Tor Mastak closed in. We had no time.

I believe at Jan’s insistence, Gobsworth purchased a Shrink potion in addition to those we had acquired from the head Black Wolf. Shortly before the operation, Gobsworth confirmed that Ach’Te hired 8 reliable riders to join our merry band. He set about scattering them across the landscape as campers, hunters, and the like. Still, it would not take Tor Mastak long to notice them.

As the 13th hour approached, we blacked out and headed into the streets, dodging Tor Mastak patrols. They had the city locked down. We arrived at the address near the South Gate to find an older couple there. We gave the pre-arranged sign and counter:

“Call: Are you a green fool
Counter: Only when I die.”

They led us to a covered entrance to a cellar area which they had prepared. I imagine they are will some organization. At present, their fate and identity are none of our concern.

I send Jan to cover the street, cloaked in invisibility. Tor Mastak were breathing down our necks, I could feel it.

Neithe covered the door upstairs, in case we did have unwelcome company. In the room, Kyzak prepared the man, doing for him what magic could not. I took a hair of his and mixed my High Magic Disguise potion. I despise magic like this, but a missing is a mission. Once all is in readiness, I down the potion. The pain was…indescribable, but within moments, I am the man. I can feel his weakness like a stone about my neck. So, I down the Strength potion so I can even carry my Tabor.

The man takes the Concealment potion and I give the signal. I head up and out onto the street. I can hear the dogs howling from all around. They have my scent. I sprint east, going for the far gate trying to draw the enemy away. My team is ordered to wait until the patrols pass, then make their way through the south gate. I lost contact.

For me, the hunters close. By the time I reach the south-east wall, I can see them coming through the gloom. Too open in the streets. I run up to the battlements to force them to come at me from either side. By the time I reach the top of the wall, out of breath in this wretched body, there are two kill teams coming from towers behind me and ahead. I am trapped.


I wait until the Kal close to within a blade length. Whatever their orders, these men do not attack, but close. So, they meant to capture the Raven. Well…they are about to get a rude awakening. One of them, I think, wondered at my weapon. Something in his lizard brain warned him that this man would never wield this monstrosity. But, it was too late. My trap was sprung.

I down the High Magic Dispel, killing the Disguise, and sadly the Strength boost. But no matter. My skin melted down to my natural form. Fools should have struck.

As soon as I regained my own strength, I launched my attack, charging them men before me. They never had a chance. Blows pinged off my armor and I swung my Tabor through the tightly packed bodies. Most of them were swept over the side to crush when they hit the stones below. The men behind charged but suffered the same fate. If they could have surrounded me. If they could have picked me off from range. But, no, on this narrow catwalk, packed in like a shield wall they were dead men from the moment I swung my weapon.

Below, another squad ran up, drawn by the screaming and sounds of battle. Eight more. I leap off the wall, and crash down, cracking the stones with my tabor, before charging through the stunned men. They died before they knew what hit them.


Not bad. Still, I needed to get the to gate. Two streets over, I hear the growling of hellhounds. From the darkness steps a Packmaster and three of the beasts. I ignore the dogs and charge the Kal. He seems surprised, especially when I hold my attack…just long enough for the dogs to close. Stupid beasts. Once they are within ranger, I lay about me with the tabor. Steel meets flesh in a blur.

That’s when I feel something clawing at my mind. Adepts. Bloody Abyss.

But then again, when one faces Tor Mastak, one must expect such things. Two of them, and they died surprised.

Still, with the Packmaster, I had 29. I’d hoped for a round 30, but not to be.

My path to the gate is clear, but when I arrive I stumble into a guard, young local. My…appearance seemed to concern him. I suggest he just let me go, or draw more Kal. I pointed out they would not likely spare him either. Whether the blood and offal dripping off my body, or the good sense, he nodded and even sold me a horse.

At with that, I was riding out the gate by the 6th.

White River 6th, 3127

After riding for a bit, it was clear I was not being pursued. So, I turned my horse south to rejoin my team. By the time I arrived, they were just mopping up a Kal camp to the south.

Apparently, they ran into the pickets and just chose to cut through the Acolytes and Guards. Impressive. However, as I arrived Karma alerted us that a massive sensation of Flame was coming from the west. We suspect that Black Wolf Brigade was attacking Kal troops, but we chose not to stick around to see. Not our fight. Jan went to loot bodies and wound up passing out. We tossed him into the wagon where the Raven was riding in his personal warded chest.

So, to through off pursuit, we head east to the Dominion. From there we rode until Neithe guaranteed we were not being pursued, before turning south again toward A’Davar.

White River, 16th, 3127

We arrived at A’Davar and turn the Raven over to the Lt. Healers look after Jan. Turns out the sword he tried to steal was cursed. Fool. Fortunately, he suffered only injuries to his pride.

My team was dismissed to go on leave. Prostitutes and floaters.

That evening, we received an unexpected summons from the Lt. When we arrived, there was a pompous fob sitting in the office. He spoke with the oily tone of a pedophile. But, he represented some faction that wanted to business with us.

All well, save for the fact that he had intimate knowledge of our less public operations. When Gobsworth returns, we must track the leak and kill them. But, the Lt pledges our services to the “Mysterious Benefactor.” So, our hands are tied.

Once my team gets their rest, we have a Tempest Commander to hunt.


Campaign Report 26 (Delta)
White Raven

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed White River 5th, 3127

Gray Winds, 23rd, 3127

At 8am, I was summoned to the Ranger HQ by Lt. Cromwell. Apparently, command had gotten around to sending an official mission. It was a straightforward extraction. A VIP had gone missing in Arkstone. Our orders were to locate and extract safely. Command had had no communication, magical or otherwise, for an extended period of time. LT informed me that it was likely he was actively hunted or already dead. We had a vague description, his cover identity, “White Raven,” and the pre-arranged sign and countersign,

“Call: Are you a green fool
Counter: Only when I die.”

That was it.

Having little to go on, I sent Jan to hire a bounty hunting team to act as a smokescreen for our operations. I would communicate with the hunters via the Farspeaker network. With fortune, any hunters would zero in on their operation and overlook our own. And, if we were lucky, they might even catch the trail.

While our killers hired more killers, I sent Kyzak and Neithe to establish a large shipment of goods from A’Davar to Arkstone to establish cover for my team’s insertion into Arkstone. Otherwise, our arrival might just tip our hands. Outside of the added income, plausible movements were the primary reason I set up our front company. Now, all our hard work begins to pay dividends.

Per usual, Gobsworth set up funds for the bounty hunters and prepared to move central operations to our Arkstone offices.

Gray Winds 27th, 3127
Jan managed to hire a trio of hunters:

Felix brinchie
Oryn human
Brog orc

Gray Winds 28th, 3127
Kyzak secured several wagons large enough for our trade goods and our personal effects.

White River 1st, 3127
We arrived on the 1st just after a heavy snow. Already, the mercenaries had found alead to Ravdren Whitaker (real name of White Raven). By heading to the city central servies under the guise of a disputed contract, Gobsworth found that the Green Acrobats performed in the city a few months ago. We believed the White Raven was associated due to the code phrase established.

I had Jan follows mercs. Predictably, he saw strangers, likely Tor Mastak, following mercs, but nothing out of the normal. Neithe discovered that the Raven is still probably in town, and there are a lot of extra Tor Mastak hunting the city. Rumor suggests the target possibly has comprising information on the Grand Marshal of Kal’Montak. That would certainly explain the hunt.

Late in the day, Kyzak finds that the Tor Maska have hunter teams in the area. They have established a special checkpoint north of the city blocking traffic to and from. They are likely using special Tor Mastak magic to track their mark. However, since he has managed to evade capture for over a week, it is likely he is hiding in a magic dead zone. So, our search focuses on the circus and locating magic dead zones large enough to hide a man within the city.

Kyzak and Neithe investigate the circus and manage to turn one of the target’s allies. We get a location, but getting him out seems nigh impossible. Gobsworth and Jan do some investigation and come up with an idea of how to get him out, but it will cost a fortune and require high end magic which is not readily avaialble. I send Kyzak, Niethe, and Karma to purchase the goods while Jan and Ach’Te are tasked with finding a weakness in the net cast by Tor Mastak.

White River 3rd, 3127
Kyzak reached out to the Unchained with a request to purchase. They set up a meet with a contact. Most of the team arrives only to find their contact is none other than the Fanged wolf, commander of the Black Wolf Brigade. His presence alone confirms the value of the target’s information. Though the Fanged Wolf we ordered a High Magic Conceal potion, a Doppleganger potion, and a High Magic Dispel potion. We also purchased a normal Strength potion and lethal poison.

Despite the rarity and difficulty in procuring the goods, the Fanged Wolf showed little concern. He set up a meet in two days to delivery.

White River 5th, 3127
True to his word, the Fanged Wolf met with the team to deliver the goods as requested. As soon as the goods were secured, Kyzak converted some of the poison into a biteable tooth. Again, he appears to have a knack for such work.

All that remains now is to enact the plan. I will lead the team to the location discovered by Corporal Kyzak while Ach’Te gathers a force of men outside the southern gates. Once we have secured the target, using the pre-arranged code, I will use the doppleganger potion to make a perfect imitation and drink the strength potion so I could still lift my hammer in his guise.

Once we have a false trail, the White Raven will take the High Magic Conceal. Though not a permanent solution, it should buy time to get him out of the city. From there, Corporal Kyzak and the rest of the team will smuggle the man out through the south, the weak point in the Tor Mastak net.

As soon as they are clear, I will make a break for the East gate. If we are lucky, the Tor Mastak will follow me, eventually catching me. From there, I will revert with the HM Dispel and turn the trap on the hunters.

Of course, no plan survives first contact with the enemy.


Campaign Report 25 (Delta)
Scouting Tempest

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Gray Winds, 23rd, 3127

After the Prince approved our creation of a covert team operating in the city, I sent my Rangers to establish various fronts. Karma used her connections with the nobility of the city, and her generous donation to Raz Dash to make contact with the Cult. She began testing cultists to find those less pleased with the new militant wing forming around the Xaos sect within the greater cult.

Gobsworth gained employment within A’Davar’s bureaucracy. Though not a high place official, our connections secured him a senior position. A “rubber stamper” whose main function was to route paperwork and ensure official compliance. There at the heart of A’Davar’s governement would have access to tax records, deployments, appointments and all the day to day operations. We could even generate whatever paperwork needed to further our operations.

Ach’Te and Jan reached out to the mercenaries in the city, selecting from among those newcomers to the desert whose loyalties had not yet been bought. Armed with sufficient gold, these operators were easily contracted.

To Niethe I tasked with walking among the common folk, the disenfranchised. Overlooked and ignored, the poor see all and are so easily swayed by a little kindness. Through Niethe’s efforts, we began to establish a network of “birds” in the city who would report on movements within the city.

Kyzak established a communication network, through secure deadrops and anonymous cutouts to deliver information and reports to our operations. He certainly has a skill for such skullduggery.

While my men worked, I spent the month maintaining the syndicate and ranger bureaucracy in their absence Paperwork is hardly my specialty but a lifetime of military reports has equipped me with a tolerance for the mundane, and an exacting mind.

White Stagg 30th, 3127

With no official missions from command, I ordered Corporal Kyzak to send the new team hired by Ach’Te and Jan to track down the Tempest team that committed murders in the city. Even after confronting them and forcing them to relinquish the jewelry, it rankled that they had committed such an obvious murder within the Prince’s kingdom and had faced no justice.

If we could offer legal redress of these crimes and offenses, we would certainly ingratiate ourselves with the Prince.

Gray Winds 23rd, 3127

After nearly a month-long operation, Jan and Ach’Te return from scouting the Tempest position. They arrive with a wealth of information. First, they reported that Xaos has established a foothold in and abandoned ruins of Raz Dash.

Furthermore, the Tempest encampment was located near the river to the north. More than a simple camp, the fort boasted artillery, with cavalry (10 horse) and about fifty legionaries. A hard nut to crack. It was about seven to ten days north and being supplied by farms in the area. They identified one of the prime collaborators, a man named Pete, or the snake man. This trader appeared to be a primary source of supply.

Our plan is to approach Pete via our syndicate and integrate our operations into their supply chain.


Campaign Report 24
Saving the Prince

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Harvest Moons, 33rd, 3127

Continued from last report:

We caught up with Royal Guard just outside the tunnel. I leave the Corporal in charge of protecting the Prince while I take Neithe and Gobsworth to secure a nearby tower. Smashing through the door, we charge up past scorched and murdered bodies. But, the tower was clear of enemies. I order Neithe to fire a message arrow to Ach’Te telling him to send his army to secure the Prince’s route. And then to fire a message for the Lt.

It was then I notice a pair of great balls of fire walking away from the tower. Considering the charred bodies around us, it made sense. All we needed was Flame to attack again. I charge off in pursuit. Gobsworth remains with the horses. Before I arrived, Ach’Te slayed the last fireball. I ordered him to assemble his mercenary allies and I returned to the Prince at a run.

I arrive to find most of the team and the Prince’s guard engaged with a group of cultists. I crushed one, then smashed another through a window, winning 10 silver from the Lt. In short order, we defeat the assassins.

Ach’Te manages to secure the route with his mercs. We then withdraw the Prince to the palace. As soon as the Prince is secure, the Palace locks down and we were ordered back to the HQ. Ach’Te interrogates a prisoner taken in the skirmish, before turning him over to the Prince. A gift of sorts.

After all is done, we meet with the Lt. He explains what reports he hears from the Prince. I suggest establishing a covert investigation unit. Kyzak reports that the Kal rear guard commander is Olaran.

If the Prince agrees, we will have yet another covert operation in motion. At some point it may become difficult to keep all of this straight.

All being equal not the most exciting festival I have attended, but in the top 10.


Campaign Report 23
Festival Day Nightmare

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Harvest Moons, 33rd, 3127

Our day began normally enough at 9PM. The team prepared for the days festival. I chose a western style gambeson and chain, scimitar, and red stash over my my heavier, hotter, and recognizable armor. When, not if, things went bad, I wanted to be able to blend.

The Lieutenant gathered us all in our Festival Best and we made our way to the lists. Our seats were near, but not with our exalted overlords.

The Dignitary list included, but was not excluded to:

The Exalted Princes of A’davar

The High and Mighty Prince Romar

The Grand Vizier of the Court

and her High Priestess Fatima of the Cult of Raz’dash

We took our seats among the honored guests, I in the back, well away from any well wishers. Almost the entire team was in attendance. Jan and Ach’Te were sent to roam and patrol. I’ve learned to keep the big cats occupied lest they get antsy.

The LT seemed pleased to announce that Niethe entered the mounted archery contest. She even won. I am impressed, though not surprised.

Later in the afternoon, just as the sheep dragging contest began, giant scorpions exploded out of the ground in the field. I order Gobsworth to retrieve my hammer, then leap the fence charge the center scorpion. Corporal Kyzak charges the second off to my right.

Karma stayed in the lists, while Gobswoth and the LT disappeared into the crowd, presumably to gather our gear.

From the crowds I heard fighting and snarling. The cats were making their mark. And then, a beam of light split the sky. Reaper rifles. Nasty enough to punch through my armor with ease.

But, I had a scorpion to deal with. Evil bugs, but not particularly dangerous. They just took forever to squash. If I had my hammer…

I wailed on the one while the Corporal wailed on the other for what seemed like an eternity. Then, the LT arrive with a wagon, dumping our gear on the ground. Corporal went for our weapons, hers and mine while I finished off the first scorpion.

From the stands, I could see the Princes evacuating. Karma blasted a hole clean through so the Princes could drop out of the sniper’s line of fire. Good work.

The Corporal got me my hammer, and I put down the second bug in a blow. Swords are useless.

I saw the cats, or Ach’te, sprinting toward what I gathered was the sniper. Jan was killing something off to my right, so I shouted for Kyzak to follow me while the LT took command of the field. Together, we sprinted across the field and into the hole with the Princes, Karma and the royal guard. We followed them down. It’d be just like Xaos to bait the Princes into running right into an ambush.


Campaign Report 22
Scarab Necklace

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Harvest Moons, 31st, 3127

Harvest Moons 13th, 3127
Just after the 13th hour, the column of freed slaves and our forces headed to the Oasis. We arrive without issue. Lt. Cromwell and Gobsworth conducted an inventory and headcount. Karma checked the local magical background. Ach’Te and Jan checked the backtrail. Corporal Kyzak and Neithe patrolled the oasis. I headed to a high dune to wait for Xaos, should they wish to speak.

After a time, I met with the Xaos commander. Both of us were satisfied with the conclusion of our battlefield truce. He disappeared into the sands.

Gobsworth reported we have little food. Corpoal Kyzak put the column on half rations. Ach’Te scouted ahead. Jan scouted the rear. Karma dispenses food. Niether hunted for any available food. I remained with the rear guard.

Harvest Moons 16th, 3127
After 3 days, the column arrived in the city that we left. Those villagers rescued from the city were pleased, offering food and shelter to the others. I took command of the city defense while the Lt met with local leaders. Karma and Neithe return to the Temple of Raz-Dash to speak with their new friends.

We ate and rested.

Harvest Moons 17th, 3127
Departed for A’Davar early in the morning.

Harvest Moons 21st, 3127
We arrived in A’Davar. The Lt dismissed the militia unit. Ach’Te took the prisoner, stumpy, to get healed per our arrangement. Delta team was ordered to escort the refugees before being relieved of duty to bath and rest.

Ach’Te reported that the prisoner had been healed by the Temple of Raz-Dash. He planned on offering Stumpy a job in his growing merc army. Stumpy accepted.

After everyone left, I met personally with the Lt to turn over the magic artifact. I also reported to the Lt about my temporary battlefield truce with Xaos. At this time I also recommended commendation for Delta Team for actions above and beyond the call of duty.

Harvest Moons 22nd, 3127
At aroudn 10 AM Lt puts me in charge of the city Rangers. At aroudn 12PM, the LT returns, then departed with Karma. Then at 7PM, the Lt and Karma return from office, dressed nicely. They had just returned from the Prince with news.

Good news: The artifact was clean.
Great new: Prince gave blessing over the artifact
Bad news: The artifact was a Scarab amulet belonging to High Priest of Raz-Dash.

The Prince then planned a party to display his new acquisition. We, ofcourse, would be required to attend.

Harvest Moons 24th, 3127
We received a message from the Prince announcing the Harvest Moons 33rd “Harvest Festival”

Harvest Moons 31st, 3127
A couple days before the event, I visit Ach’Te and ordered him to gather a team of revelers to mingle with the crowd and provide ground security Non-lethal damage only. For the next few days, the entire time readies themselves for the event.


Campaign Report 21
Tempest Excavation

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Harvest Moons, 13th, 3127

Harvest Moons 12th, 3127

After defeating the Tempest rear guard and taking a prisoner, we followed Tempest deeper into the desert. Around 3PM we arrived within sight of Tempest excavation site near desert ruins. I pulled back and deployed scouts.

The scouts reported back of a nearby oasis and rocky outcrop. As the only watering hole in the area, the oasis was NOT an ideal. There was a high likelihood that Tempest waterbearers made regular trips, as it being the only water source available. So, I chose the rocky outcrop.

When we arrived, we found large windcaves large enough for our mounts, as well as, our men. Corporal Kyzak and Karma established camp. I sent the scouts up the rocks to keep watch on the Tempest camp. Neithe cared for our mounts and the remounts we recovered from the fallen Tempest mercenaries.

As the cave system ran far deeper than our camp, once the camp was more or less established, I ventured deeper to ensure we would not be flanked from below. Well I did. A short way beyond the light, I was surrounded by a group Xaos cultists. Alone, in the dark, I knew I had only to hold them at bay for 5-6 more minutes until Corporal Kyzak would bring relief.

Surprisingly, they did not attack. Rather, their leader informed me that they wanted to eliminate the Tempest, and only Tempest. As our orders were to engage the Tempest, our goals were in line, if only just. So, given the reality of the situation, I elected to join in a brief military alliance. The leader chose two guards and we returned to camp.

Xaos deferred to me. My plan was simple. I, Ach’Te, and Jan would pose as Tempest mercenaries to gain entrance to their main gate near the 13th hour. Once spotted, we would go loud and begin assault. Meanwhile, Xaos assassins will flank and take down ranged mercs and Tempest mages. Meanwhile, Corporal Kyzak would take Karma and Neithe around the flank and wait for our attack, Once the enemy was focused on our frontal assault, they would blow a hole in the wall and begin to evacuate the Tempest slaves. Our timing would depend on an interrogation of our prisoner.

Xaos agreed and withdrew to wait for our approach to signal the attack.

With our army gathered, I dispatched Kyzak and Ach’Te interrogate prisoner. They were successful, and avoided undo harm. While they worked, Jan scouted, and Neithe cared for the horses, I prepared the Tempest mercs gear for the assault.

After a short interogation, Ach’ter returned with good information: Tempest was using many slaves, there were no more than five actual Tempest legionnaires, they were supported by about 25 mercenaries. The entire camp was commanded by an Aevakar, apparently turned to Tempest. The best shift change occurred at midpoint between dusk and dawn, near the 13th hour. We further learned that the Aevkar had a small, private camp at rim of excavation site.

With our information, I prepared the team, and ordered Corporal Kyzak to establish the rendez vous at the Oasis. The slaves would require water before crossing the desert, and the Oasis was larger, inviting, and somewhat defensible.

Around 5PM, I was contacted by Gobsworth through the Farspeaker. I reported in, and asked for reinforcements to assist the slaves. After that, I put the team on 2 hour watches and ensured that everyone hydrated well.

Around midnight, the teams departed, Corporal Kyzak taking supplies and mounts. Ach’Te and I rode captured mounts, and Jan ran on foot. When within close sight, Jan cast Invisibility and then followed on foot.

As planned, we rode upon the gate and provided the watchword given by the prisoner. He was true to his word. We managed to pass the gate before our ruse was revealed. At this, I ordered Jan to take out the towers, while I and Ach’Te charged the commander’s camp. Ach’Te and I reached the camp at near the same time. He engaged the Tempest guards, while I crashed through the commander’s tent and the slate roof of his abode.

He was not present. So, I threw one Tempest down the pit, and attempted to question the second, but he refused to reveal the Commander’s location, so he too was tossed. Neither died. By then, Corporal’s team breached and the Xaos assassins engaged the Tempest Mage. Surprisingly, the Lt. and Gobsworth arrived with reinforcements and wagons. After dispatching my scouts to take down the remaining Tempest, I returned to the Lt to provide information on the battle.

Once done, all was moving well, save for Ach’Te taking a bad wound from the last standing Tempest legionnaire. I reached him quickly enough and together, we slew the last Legionnaire. With their master’s dead and the camp breached, the mercenaries began to flee. The Lt. took over evacuation of the slaves, so I raided the enemy storehouse.

There I found one unique medallion I feel bears study. With time to spare, I recovered as many of the artifacts as I was able to package and load on the wagons as the slaves were loaded for withdrawal.

En mass, we retreated from the camp and arrived at the Oasis, leaving the Tempest and mercenaries to the Xaos.


Campaign Report 20 (Delta)
Tempest and Sun

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Harvest Moons, 11th, 3127

Forest Dance 23rd, 3127
After our recent successes, we were granted an audience with the Prince of A’Davar himself. I could have done without the ceremony. However, each member of the team was gifted a prized Masterbreed Warhorse from the Prince’s own stock, as well as access to his smith for barding.

Immediately, most of the team purchased chain barding for their mounts and we spent the next week or so training on riding. We have much to improve.

Harvest Moons 3rd, 3127
Eventually, we were called into Lt. Cromwell’s office. Reports indicated of Tempest activity south of the city. We were ordered to recon in force. Locate the Tempest forces and confirm their location and activity. He also warned that Xaos might be involved. To be honest, it felt good to have a mission again.

It was already late in the morning, around 10 am. I ordered the team to prepare and meet at the southern gate. All arrived about 11 am with their mounts. However, we made a poor showing out of the gate. Most of us were yet unfamiliar with desert warmounts.

We head south along the main road. Ach’Te on point, with Jan on sweep. Niethe ranged far to the west in the desert, while Corporal Kyzak took up close flank to the east. Gobsworth elected to remain at home.

Harvest Moons 7th, 3127

Early in the morning I was contacted by a new Farspeaker who informed me that the Lt had also elected to sign a contract with the Farspeaker’s Guild. Wise choice. Gobsworth had done some digging and reported the Tempest were actively searching for ancient magical artifacts in the desert.

About mid-day, we arrived in a sizable trading town. No sign of Tempest, but everyone was on edge. I took the Corporal to find lodging while Karma/Ach’Te and Neithe/Jan split out to scout the town.

Karma reported back that the Tempest arrived more than five days before and hired mercenaries to scour the desert for artifacts. The mercs used the town as a base of operation, returning every few days. That would explain why the town was so nervous.

Jan reported that the Tempest were likely targeting ruins known to be in the area.

Harvest Moons 8th, 3127
I confirmed with Gobsworth via Farspeak during our regular scheduled contact. About mid-day, the Tempest mercs arrived. They camped near the town, fortifying it as per their way, while groups took “leave” in town.

The team was ordered to lay low, and observe. We did so for a few days until it appeared that the Tempest was pulling out.

Harvest Moons 11th, 3127

I sent Ach’Te and Jan to scout the Tempest camp under cover of night and signal the team when they withdrew. Sadly, we were not the only scouts in the area. Ach’Te stumbled, literally, over a Xaos scout. In the ensuing scuffle, Tempest discovered Ach’Te’s presence forcing my scouts to withdraw.

Alerted now, the Tempest more heavily fortified their camp and made preparations to leave. We could not get close. However, if Xaos were operating in the area, we needed to know.

While Jan and Ach’te watched the Tempest from nearby roofs, I sent Karma and Neithe to make contact with the local Cult of Raz’dash. As Xaos and the cult are more or less the same. They found a contact Neithe knew from A’Davar and were able to confirm the presence of a large cult in the town.

Later in the morning, the Farspeaker contacted me. I relayed our intel, informed the Lt that we were prepared to pursue, and also requested that Gobsworth pay a suitable tithe in Neithe’s name to the cult in Raz’dash. We need to pursue that angle. I also ordered the Farspeaker to contact me every 2 hours until I said otherwise.

Ach’Te reported Tempest were pulling out as soon as the sun was high enough to burn away shadows. Wise tactic. We followed on horseback with Ach’Te on point. The sun baked down and soon Ach’Te succumbed to heat stroke. He was spotted by Tempest who dropped a rear guard to ambush our team.

Seeing the situation, I waited until the main body of Tempest had pulled far enough ahead, and then ordered an attack. Neithe rode around, cutting off their escape, while Jan flanked left. Karma supported Ach’Te while unleashing hell into their ranks. Kyzak and I charged.

It was a quick and brutal fight. Only one man survived, kneecapitated by Ach’Te. We dragged him along for further interrogation. Neither collected their mounts, while Kyzak secured gear and Tempest tattoos. With suitable disguises available, we left the bodies to cook in the sun and continued our pursuit of the Tempest.


Campaign Report 19 (Delta)
Gobsmacked setting up full Operations

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Forest Dance 22nd, 3127

Our operations move forward. We have a new arrival, an accountant, sent by Lt. Cromwell. And, there is the matter of Rover, Ranger at Large. Ranger presence in the west seems to increase.

Dancing Clouds 12th, 3127
After Delta teams successful retrieval and delivery of Tempest’s floater, my team strategized on our next moves. A’Davar operations were well in place, and we had much to do in Arkstone before moving on.

But, before that, our headquarters in Arkstone received two visitors sent by Lt. Cromwell. The guide was an Alakar Ranger named Rover. With him was the newest edition to our team, a goblin accountant, Gobsworth. Considering the ambitious nature our operations, I suppose I cannot blame the Lt.

Once they arrived, I received their paperwork, then dismissed Rover to wash down the dust while I introduced Gobsworth to our operation. The briefing was short. Once he was read in, I sent him over to Ach’Te to help the head of our Arkstone operation set up the necessaries.

That done, I worked through paperwork. Neithe went to find Corporal Kyzak who, in turn, set up a meet that eve at a local restaurant. Other than Ach’Te and Kyzak requesting a meeting to discuss their relationship, not much happened.

I did have a private word with Rover about another operation.

That evening, we all gathered at the Stonework Tavern for dinner. There, everyone was introduced. We ate, discussed. Over the next few I planned to work with Kyzak to research goods to ship north on our venture into the Empire. Meanwhile, Ach’Te continued to work with Gobsworth on putting together our permanent security force.

Dancing Clouds 18th, 3127

A week later, laden with grain and other goodstuffs, we rolled out of Arkstone headed for Kal’Tor, our third leg. The border was heavily fortified. Which is unsurprising. First, it was smashed by Fekla and Korash, then held for two weeks by the Black Wolf Brigade. I have no doubt many Kal commanders were granted a personal audience with Ceynara after that series of failures. Nevertheless, our trip was mercifully uneventful. Though, we did travel with two of Ach’Te’s mercenaries.

Dancing Clouds 23rd, 3127

Our humble caravan rolled into Kal’Tor. The first task was for Kyzak and Niethe to unload the saleable goods while the rest of us found a room. All was accomplished with alacrity, though I imagine the local grain brokers were none too pleased with us undercutting their profits selling our goods wholesale. I fully expect retaliation.

Over the next couple weeks, Kyzak chose an old farmstead outside of town to serve as our HQ and we moved operations there. Ach’Te and Kyzak headed into town and purchased a supply of weapons for sale in the Defiant Lands. Per usual, we acquired a small selection of top tier weapons, a larger portion of military grade, and then the bulk of serviceable arms. With the wars brewing across the Defiant Lands and desert, arms fetch a high price.

While my Rangers were otherwise occupied, I negotiated a contract with the Farspeaker Guild for services rendered. With their services secured, we now had our own reliable network of communication. My first message was to deliver our progress report to the Ranger offices, via our retained Adept in A’Davar. Delivered our our “man inside the Ranger HQ” It is dangerous to mix our operations, but I need to see who can be trusted, while still maintaining operational security.

Forest Dance 5th, 3127
Laden with large supply of military goods, we departed Kal’Tor, heading south for Arkstone.

Forest Dance 10th, 3127
We arrived in Arkstone having seen no Black Wolf Brigade. Good riddance.

Forest Dance 16th. 3127
After selling our goods at a sizable profit and picking up relief supplies for A’Davar, we rolled south. Again, encountering no difficulties.

Forest Dance 22nd, 3127
We rolled into A’Davar. I tasked Karma with selling our goods, while I headed to the Ranger HQ to report into the Lt. Cromwell. Based on our successes so far, there very well may be little need for us to travel often. With our bonded adept in A’Davar, and our Farspeaker network, we can operate most of the business straight from A’Davar.


Campaign Report 18
Rover's Report

I have watched The Team for some time now. Being as I have not been called away to fight in the Desert as of late, I’ve kept to my own devices in the North. So far, they have been prominent in their efforts to build relationships under their fictional guide.

One such relationship fostered is with Tempest. Tempest has, through some way, managed to secure a lease and effective citizenship to Arcstone. A small fortified temple has been built, and they are granted the same rights as if they were citizens. Not an ideal situation, but nothing that can be rectified in the short term. It will take careful manipulation of the political spectrum to even hope to break that decree.

Still, through careful planning, The Team set up a series of contacts that were to fetch them a bottle of Ceynara’s Fire from Kal’Montak. They hired a series of riders — one to have a fake package and one to have a real package. Smart move given they are smuggling illegal substances. I remained in the shadows, of course.

Word eventually reached me that I had a Goblinesh, Gobswoth, to acquire and deliver to his handlers. I left some feelers out to find out how the operation went. There were, it turns out, a few hiccups along the way, but they managed to seal their deal with Tempest. So much the better for them I suppose.

I, on the other hand, still had a goblin to deliver…


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