Shaintar Legends Awaken: Greenway Road Rangers Delta Team

Campaign Report 19 (Delta)
Gobsmacked setting up full Operations

Sergeant Nichts Report
Filed Forest Dance 22nd, 3127

Our operations move forward. We have a new arrival, an accountant, sent by Lt. Cromwell. And, there is the matter of Rover, Ranger at Large. Ranger presence in the west seems to increase.

Dancing Clouds 12th, 3127
After Delta teams successful retrieval and delivery of Tempest’s floater, my team strategized on our next moves. A’Davar operations were well in place, and we had much to do in Arkstone before moving on.

But, before that, our headquarters in Arkstone received two visitors sent by Lt. Cromwell. The guide was an Alakar Ranger named Rover. With him was the newest edition to our team, a goblin accountant, Gobsworth. Considering the ambitious nature our operations, I suppose I cannot blame the Lt.

Once they arrived, I received their paperwork, then dismissed Rover to wash down the dust while I introduced Gobsworth to our operation. The briefing was short. Once he was read in, I sent him over to Ach’Te to help the head of our Arkstone operation set up the necessaries.

That done, I worked through paperwork. Neithe went to find Corporal Kyzak who, in turn, set up a meet that eve at a local restaurant. Other than Ach’Te and Kyzak requesting a meeting to discuss their relationship, not much happened.

I did have a private word with Rover about another operation.

That evening, we all gathered at the Stonework Tavern for dinner. There, everyone was introduced. We ate, discussed. Over the next few I planned to work with Kyzak to research goods to ship north on our venture into the Empire. Meanwhile, Ach’Te continued to work with Gobsworth on putting together our permanent security force.

Dancing Clouds 18th, 3127

A week later, laden with grain and other goodstuffs, we rolled out of Arkstone headed for Kal’Tor, our third leg. The border was heavily fortified. Which is unsurprising. First, it was smashed by Fekla and Korash, then held for two weeks by the Black Wolf Brigade. I have no doubt many Kal commanders were granted a personal audience with Ceynara after that series of failures. Nevertheless, our trip was mercifully uneventful. Though, we did travel with two of Ach’Te’s mercenaries.

Dancing Clouds 23rd, 3127

Our humble caravan rolled into Kal’Tor. The first task was for Kyzak and Niethe to unload the saleable goods while the rest of us found a room. All was accomplished with alacrity, though I imagine the local grain brokers were none too pleased with us undercutting their profits selling our goods wholesale. I fully expect retaliation.

Over the next couple weeks, Kyzak chose an old farmstead outside of town to serve as our HQ and we moved operations there. Ach’Te and Kyzak headed into town and purchased a supply of weapons for sale in the Defiant Lands. Per usual, we acquired a small selection of top tier weapons, a larger portion of military grade, and then the bulk of serviceable arms. With the wars brewing across the Defiant Lands and desert, arms fetch a high price.

While my Rangers were otherwise occupied, I negotiated a contract with the Farspeaker Guild for services rendered. With their services secured, we now had our own reliable network of communication. My first message was to deliver our progress report to the Ranger offices, via our retained Adept in A’Davar. Delivered our our “man inside the Ranger HQ” It is dangerous to mix our operations, but I need to see who can be trusted, while still maintaining operational security.

Forest Dance 5th, 3127
Laden with large supply of military goods, we departed Kal’Tor, heading south for Arkstone.

Forest Dance 10th, 3127
We arrived in Arkstone having seen no Black Wolf Brigade. Good riddance.

Forest Dance 16th. 3127
After selling our goods at a sizable profit and picking up relief supplies for A’Davar, we rolled south. Again, encountering no difficulties.

Forest Dance 22nd, 3127
We rolled into A’Davar. I tasked Karma with selling our goods, while I headed to the Ranger HQ to report into the Lt. Cromwell. Based on our successes so far, there very well may be little need for us to travel often. With our bonded adept in A’Davar, and our Farspeaker network, we can operate most of the business straight from A’Davar.


Campaign Report 17 (Delta)
Purchasing ki Arzin Merchant House
Sergent Nichts Report

Filed Festival Moons 30th, 3127

The only potentially illegal component to our otherwise legitimate business was to ship under the charter of the ki Arzin merchant group. In that moment, we used their name to flush out the Black Wolf brigade to preserve Light and Life, AND improved the standing and future of said company. Regardless, technically, our forged paperwork as representatives of ki Arzin remained the sole legal vulnerability to our operation. This would be easily remedied through legal purchase of the company, assets, and contracts. With our recent success, we did so.

Festival Moons 23rd, 3127
While Delta Team took much needed leave, I began the long, legal process to establish our organization. Though we had our liscense and permits to operate within A’Davar, and the Kal Empire, and were near to legal operation in Arcstone, there were facilities to register, supplies to purchase, wagons and horses to rent, money to borrow, gifts to provide… I always hated quartermaster work in the army. Now look.

Festival Moons 25th, 3127
In the morning, we called the team back from leave. I did not ask. I never do.

The LT began his morning brief. Apparently Tempest had a legal presence in Arkstone. They made some deal or other. I suppose it is well we did not kill the Tempest operating in A’Davar. There might have been political ramifications.

Also, reports indicated strange, new abominations spotted around Arkstone; the Wild. I don’t recall ever encountering them personally, but I hear they are nasty on a whole different level.

Apparently Kyzak had some religious leanings. He suggested keeping watch on Temple of Raz’Dash. Considering how close Xaos and Raz’Dash worshipers, nay cultists, seem to me, I’m not surprised the Corporal is suspicious.

Once the Lt. left the room, I lay out plan to purchase the Arkstone trade family, and send Ach’Te and Kyzak to make contact with Tempest once we arrive in Arkstone. With the successful purchase of ki Arzin, we would have three distinct trade organizations. One operating out of A’Davar under the grace of Karma’s house. The Arkstone front would be ki Arzin, but Ach’Te has here-to-fore acted as our liaison. Lastly, our Kal operation is the most…difficult. In the first place we have an…agreement…with the Black Wolves. And, we are still, technically, working with the Kal security forces. Our standing is tenuous at best. Fortunately, Kyzak has in intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Empire.

So, upon successful acquisition of ki Arzin, I am prepared to launch three codependent trade operations.

Kyzak to lead of Kal front
Ach’Te to lead of Arkstone front
Karma to lead on A’Davar front

Each leader is to style their branch per their tastes, with Ach’Te tasked the extra duty of building our own small private mercenary force. For Karma and Kyzak, I foresee advantageous arranged marriages in our future.

Festival Moons 28th, 3127
We arrived in Arkstone and returned to our collective house. How long since we were here last? Months? It feels like a lifetime. Though, once our deal is complete this will serve as Ach’Te’s HQ. There will be staff day and night. I bought dinner and we ate together, planning for the morning. Kyzak, Ach’Te and Niethe planned on heading to the Tempest temple outside the city and work on negotiating a trade contract. As odd as it may seem, we will learn more about Tempest operations, and plans, in this region posing as their supply line than direct confrontation.

Meanwhile, Karma, Jankem, and I planned on heading to purchase ki Arzin Merchants trade empire. I’ve been there before under numerous guises. This time, I planned to wear the visage of Mrs. White. The Lady of Death. I detest the pageantry, the false drama. However, it serves a purpose. It protects the Rangers. It protects my team. It is necessary.

Festival Moons 29th, 3127
In the morning, I headed to the ki Arzin Merchant House with Karma and Jankem. Negotiations were brief. Importantly, we successfully purchased the ki Arzin trade empire effectively securing our flanks, legally speaking. Nothing now prevents Delta Team with moving forward with our plans.

We scheduled the official legal transfer in the morning with a House/Man/Criminal empire known as the Ve’souri. The Ve’souri pose as a perfectly legitimate legal firm. Rumors are they are actually involved with, or a front for Red Store. Which, within the Southern Kingdoms would be a crime. Here, it is the cost of doing business. Red Store IS the marketplace.

Red Store. Tempest. I would not be surprised if we were forced to make deals with Xaos next.

We chose to have dinner in. Kyzak and Ach’Te informed me that Tempest would consider a contract if we could procure five branches scorched by Lightning. As they did not specifcy the type, and we assume they wanted non-Tempest lightning, we waited till dark to let Karma do her work. We went to a nearby hill where Karma blows up a tree.We selected 10 of the best scorched branches for Tempest. On a hunch, I asked Karma to hit me with the lightning spell. She nearly fried me in my armor. Impressive. Her skills have grown.

Festival Moons 30th, 3127
In the morning, Ach’Te and Kyzak delivered the 10 scorched branches to Tempest Temple. They accepted the proof and we are officially in business with Tempest.

At the appropriate time, I arrived 10 min early for my appointment. The Ve’souri officers are opulent. The meeting was scheduled in a private booth. It took a couple hours of paperwork, bu in the end, my corporation was the proud owner of ki Arzin Merchant house..

We all retired to the house. There we traded information, and discussed Tempest’s latest request. Tempest requires Ceynara’s Fire. Kyzak is certain we can acquire the drug, but I want to know more about what it does before turning it over. Moreover, they also seem to be interested in old jewelry, like the one they stole in A’Davar. There is something there. So, I include in this report.

Tempest is hunting for old jewels or jewelry. Purpose? Unknown, but they are willing to kill. They may be in search of some specific artifact. Many Turned artifacts dot the lands. Or, they may be hoading them for some reason.

I’ve already begun filing for our three separate front companies:
Kal’Tor, under Kyzak
Arkstone, under Ach’Te
A’Davar, under Karma

For further protection, all the front companies are controlled by a parent company with a mailing address in Arrak. The Rangers have influence the Gather, and they are entirely neutral.


Contact played for Ceynara’s Fire
Revelation played for market research

Campaign Report 16
Tempest Trouble

Sergent Nichts Report

Filed: Festival Moons 23rd, 3127

We returned the bauble.

Festival Moons 23rd, 3127

Today we planned to meet our neutral Adept. If all went well, they would be a valuable asset to our operations. To that end, Ach’Te and Jan rented out an off the beat inn We chose somewhere nice, but not near our usual circles. We spent enough to rent the entire building for the afternoon. It is a two story building with a bar and eatery below and rooms on a second story.

At the same time, I put Corporal Kyzak in charge of the “investigation.” Eyes are on us always, and if we showed no activity toward recovering the bauble, then the Shiek would grow difficult. So, Kyzak, Karma, and Neithe began a “standard” Ranger investigation. They started with the Shiek, and then spoke with Karma’s own family.

While my Rangers attended their tasks, I purchased a white porcelain mask, and requisitioned non-de script “desert armor”, from Milita’s armory. I loath the cloak and dagger operations, however, there are times when soldiers must perform unpleasant duties. Ach’Te chose the name, and it stuck. So, for these operations, I am Mrs. White. To protect my unit, and the Rangers, I must ensure, to the best of my ability, that my identity and Mrs. White are kept well separate.

Ach’Te, Jan and I arrived at 1PM to conduct a standard security sweep. Once the building is secure, I post Jan on the front door, Ach’Te at the top of the stairs, and I choose the best room upstairs.

At precisely 3PM, the Adept arrives. He came with a pair of guards, but those he left outside. Jan escorted him to the stairs, where he handed off to Ach’Te which took him to my room, then posted up outside. the adept introduced himself as Namira. I invited him to sit and enjoy the refreshments. After the staff had cleared the room, I made my proposition.

We required his services tracking down a bauble stolen from a local Shiek. Since I was expanding my organization into the city, the return of this bauble, quietly to the Shiek was gain favor, and impress the Prince. I also informed him that the Rangers were ALSO looking into the theft, and we would be using their investigation to narrow our search. I wanted his help finding the bauble first. If he was successful, then I would have other tasks as I expanded my organization. That said, our activities would be, necessarily, illeal.

He seemed no to mind, and chose to be paid on retainer. Ach’Te paid him his sign up bonus, and we left, leaving him to enjoy the hospitality for the evening.

Back at Karma’s family estate, we waited. Later in the evening, Corporal returned. Kyzak provided a list of potential names. And, they confirmed that the theft occurred at the end of the night. Ach’Te and Jan had investigated the theft location. They determined that the lift was made somewhere from the party room to the door. Furthermore, Karma believed the Shiek, himself, is not involved. I had to trust her judgement. Believed the most likely thief was Fatima, Priestess of Raz-dash temple, or a member of her entourage. With descriptions and a location, I asked Karma to arrange for the floor to be cleared, and a guard pulled off post long enough for our specialist to enter the palace under the guise that we bribed Karma’s family staff.

The initial Plan: Karma and Kyzak clear the floor, and distract a guard. Ach’te escorts Namira to post cog the theft of the bauble. Gives him Fatima and her staff’s descriptions. Once the Adept confirmed which of Fatima’s men were responsible, Ach’Te would bring Namira to the temple where the rest of Delta would already have scouted security. We would use Namira to compel the thief to exit the temple with the stolen good. Call the guards, and make the arrest.

Around 12PM, Ach’Te to “smuggled” Namira into the hall to postcog the scene of the crime. He confirmed that the lift happened in the foyer. But, it turns out, the thief infiltrated the Priestesses entourage, but was not on her staff. Namira followed him, away from the temple. Ach’Te sent Jan who was shadowing he and Namira, to return to the team casing the temple to inform us that Ach’Te will meet at the offices. So, I and the rest of Delta, fell back to our offices and waited on Ach’Te to contact us.

While we waited, Ach’Te and Namira track the thief. They find a hostel, with a dead body in the room. The man matched the impression Namira had gleaned off the thief. More curious, he had been killed by Tempest. Ach’Te takes the dead thieves journal and heads to the city gates following Namira, who kept on the trail of the babule. Namira mounts Ach’Te and rides him out of town.


Just out of town, the trail stops at an encampment. Ach’Te counts of six soldiers. Namira identifies the ring in the camp, and notes that the camp is Tempest. Ach’Te only sees one wearing full Stormfire. But, that is enough.

Namira contacts Rangers, who contact our team. We mount up heading to the camp. When we arrive, Ach’Te reports.

Leaving Namira under cover, I send Ach’Te and Jan around to flank the camp, Neithe to the rear prepared to circle and rain with arrows, Kyzak and Karma near the front to hit with magic. Once the team is in position, I walk in, demand the ring from the Tempest officer. He turns it over without issue, surprisingly. We pull back to the ridge. Karma confirms the ring is real. Mission accomplished.

Ach’Te escorts the Namira back with out thanks. Karma and Kayzak return the ring to her father, to hand it over the Sheik. I, Niethe, and Jan report to the Lt., before sending the Lt. to meet with Karma and her father as they wait on the Shiek.

As I am told, Karma’s family, and the Lt. turn ring over to the Shiek. He confirmed the ring was real, so accepted. Karma’s honor was restored. When the Lt. returns, Ach’Te turns over original (dead) thief’s journal for investigation.

I inform the Lt. of Tempests presence, their part in the murder of the Thief, and request a few days, or week, off to conduct some business in Arkstone. He approves. I give my team until the 25th to rest, before heading back north.

Once done, I repair, set up LLC, and send recommendation for Namira.

Perhaps now we can return to our duties.


Campaign Report 15
Mrs. White

Sergeant Nichts Report

Filed: Festival Moons 22nd, 3127

After liberating A’Davar and A’Morgal, defeating a Kal and Maelstrom army in the field, and managing to save Alpha Team in the process, Delta Team is assigned to find a misplaced piece of jewelry.

Festival Moons 11th, 3127
Break camp and head back to A’Davar.

Festival Moons 15th, 3127
We arrive on the 15th, and meet with Lt. Cromwell in his office. After reporting in, we are given 6 days leave. Before releasing the team, I was forced to give Jankem a Verbal Warning for disobeying orders and breaking cover while waiting to rejoin Lt. Cromwell’s column.

The Team immediately split off. Ach’Te rented a room and partied with copious amounts of Floaters. Karma rejoined her family and spent a week partying with old friends. Neithe went looking for horses. I honestly don’t know where the Corporal disappeared.

I spent my week repairing gear, catching up on paperwork, and reading reports. Most importantly, I penned a letter to Karma’s house expressing gratitude for their support. Best keep our hosts happy.

Festival Moons 19th, 3127
Despite my best efforts, I was required to attend a formal party hosted by our hosts. Apparently, Karma’s family felt necessary to show off their pet heroes to all of their political allies and enemies in the city. There was a laundry list of dignitaries, non of which I really remember. I suppose in the future I should pay closer attention. I sat in the corner and drank. Karma and Kyzak mingled. Ach’Te got high. Jan, slept under a bench.

Festival Moons 22nd, 3127
On the morning of the 22nd, we reported for duty. With no more armies threatening to raze the city, we were assigned to city patrol. I split the team into three units. RFC Karma and Ach’Te, Corporal Ryzak and RFC Neithe, and I partnered with Jan. With only three teams to cover the city, we set up rotating patrols, covering three quadrants of the city, then moving in sequence to the next.

In afternoon, see smoke. When we arrive, find a warehouse nearly burned down. City guards on site inform me that members of my team is in pursuit of witnesses. I send Jan to track my team and the witnesses. We find Kyzak and Neithe talking to 5 Aradi men on a street corner. As we approach, one man breaks and runs down an alley. Jan and I quickly catch him. The man claims to have seen the fire started via a bright flash, but claims to have had no part in the arson. However, he and his friends ran from the fire, and he then ran from the group. That and he reeks of smoke and soot.

Returning to the group, Karma identifies him as magic, but unfamiliar. She describes him as darkness and shadow. Add to the flash of light, and I suspect Xaos, but with no proof, I have Corporal take statements. While my team investigates, I speak with guards. With nothing left to do, we turn over to the locals to the guards.

That done, we return to the warehouse fire to investigate. The warehouse belonged to a local purveyor of goods. I speak with the man, but he claims to have no idea why his warehouse was burned, though his wares mostly ship from Arkstone.

Even then, the warehouse smoldered. So, I stripped my plate, soaked my gambeson and entered the still burning building. I found little, but managed to salvage his safe. Once clear, I rolled out the flames in the sand, and gathered my gear and team.

We returned to the HQ to report to Lt. Cromwell. As we enter, Karma notes her father arguing with one of the local Shieks. We leave her to investigate while we report to Cromwell.

I leave Corporal in charge, while I go put myself out. When I return, Karma notifies me that her family demands our assistance. Apparently, Shiek Sudan ki Almeris’ family heirloom went missing at the Karma house during the party. A Gold Ring with a white stone. The Lt. orders the team to track down the ring.

Kyzak remembers that the Shiek stopped showing off the ring toward the last 30-45 min to show off the ring. Though, we have no idea whether it was stolen, or the Shiek merely claimed it stolen to shame Karma’s House. With the tense political situation, we have few avenues of investigation.

So we send Ach’Te to speak with his dealer. The dealer suggests the Shiek valued his ring and, though many thieves covet it, none had been close. So, if it HAD been stolen, that would have been big news within the criminal community. I sincerely doubt the ring was stolen.

Since we cannot approach the Shiek directly, and going through the Prince implicates his house, we decied to get into the floater business, hire an Adept, and attack the problem asymmetrically. I sent Ach’Te and Neithe to hire a prostitute from the dealer, set up a meeting to hire a local adept, and to set up a meet to expand our “Trade Consortium” into the floater business out of A’Davar.

They set up the meet, and I have the escort massage and lotion my burns, while Karma dresses in her finest. With the Lt.‘s approval, I went to the city administrative offices and purchased the appropriate licenses to conduct business in A’Davar. With out contacts in the Kal, Arkstone, and now A’Davar, we have a potential multi-national trade business to fund our Ranger outpost, and provide cover for any operations in the region. After which, I sent the escort back to her employers with tales of our power and influence.

My new alias within A’Davar is Mrs White.

In a few days, we will hire the Adept to locate the Ring. We will also establish trade with the local floater suppliers and expand operations. Purchasing weapons in the Empire and floaters from the Desert Princes, we will make a profit from Kal’Grondor to A’Morgal.

Sergeant Nichts

Campaign Report 14
Retreat from A'Morgal

Sergeant Nichts Report

Filed: Festival Moons 10th, 3127

Successfully evaded the Maelstrom out of A’Morgal, and rejoined Lt Cromwell.

Festival Moons 7th, 3127

We rode hard north along the A’Morgal-A’Davar rode. Maelstrom or A’Morgal riders hot on our tail. We could see little of them, just flashing blades in the dark.

After a few hours, we managed to put enough distance between our unit and the hunters to break for cover. It was this point when Ach’Te and Niethe managed to catch up with us. They were fresh from our Southern camp having completed their obligations to Alpha Team.

With both my scouts, we cut east toward the mountains, keeping just ahead of hunters. Once close, I sent Ach’Te ahead to find us a hole to hide in. His skills prevailed and he managed to find a rocky alcove, hidden from site from the lowlands and large enough for horses.

We bedded down, taking watches. I commanded the first two with Ach’Te and Jan respectively. Corporal Kayzak commanded the third and fourth with Neithe, then Karma. All night we were surrounded by army an army. We belive it was Maelstrom, but we counted no more than a hundred in the broken terrain and dim of the eve.

Festival Moons 8th, 3127

Fortunately, we woke without incident. I sent Ach’Te and Jan to find western route into the foothills to escape. The scouts threaded the enemy camps through the foothills and found a route east.

With Ach’Te on point, and Jan bringing up the rear, we walked the horse through the foothills. We made the trek without being spotted, but our initial estimates were far off. There were many times a hundred, and they were spreading out, searching.

Once deeper in the hills, we turned back north, keeping to the lowlands. Ach’Te up front, Neithe in the rear with Jan flanking our western side, near the road. Toward mid day, Ach’Te falls back. He spotted a large column marching south along the road.

We camped to hide the horses and observe the column. I sent our scouts to watch while we rested and watered out mounts. While we waited, Ach’Te remained in position, but Jan defied orders and was captured.

I later learned from Lt. Cromwell that he was spotted by the column pickets. Though he managed to evade, he instead of returning to alert the team, he instead attempted to infiltrate the column and was captured.

Fortunately, Ach’Te followed orders and returned to report. We were already heading back toward the column when Jan was sent by Cromwell to find us. Leaving Ach’Te and Niethe to cover us, in case this was a ruse, we followed Jan back to the LT.

Only once the Lt. confirmed his identity with the proper countersign, I ordered Karma to signal Ach’Te and Niethe with a signal arrow. Once my team arrived, I sent them with the Corporal to eat and rest while I debriefed with the LT. He informed me about Jan’s capture.

I reported our successful mission and the presence of a large force just south of the column’s position. Though, the information was almost a day old, and I could not confirm numbers. The Lt. advised the desert riders to pull back, and we moved with the column into the hills.

Once returned to my team, I ordered Jan and Ach’Te build map with Karma. The map complete, Ach’Te, Neithe and I debriefed with LT. They reported their actions with Alpha Team. I was unimpressed.

We proposed a plan to send Delta team back through the foothills with A’Davar scouts to a position near the Maelstrom. From there, we would break through the lines “as if escaping,” and ride hard into the desert. With luck, the Maelstrom would chase and we would hopefully lead them into an ambush.

Once all was done, I went with Ach’Te to find water nearby. There was a small secluded pond where Delta Team took a couple hours to bathe and clean. We had not had such a chance for weeks.

We returned, tended the horse, then I gave the team the night off to drink. Karma took the time to study with Desert druids. I wrote reports and waited for Command to report in to Cromwell. When they did, I finally learned what our mission had been about.

Apparently, Alpha Team failed in negotiations with the Black Mountain dwarves. During an attack on a wedding, the body of the Clan Chief of the Rockbreakers was stolen by Xaos agents from A’Morgal. The dwarves had declared war and marched on A’Morgal, but it was a trap to pit the dwarves, Maelstrom, and the Prince of A’Morgal against each other in a pitched battle to weaken or destroy them all…leaving Xaos in control.

Since we managed to rescue the body, Alpha Team had a chance to stop the dwarves and even negotiate an alliance. This also left Xaos witout a seat of power. Our mission likely saved many thousands of innocent lives. That, and we had lured Maelstrom into the open.

All according to plan.

Returning to my camp I had managed to requisition a tent fly for my team. It was a luxury, sleeping out of army, under a linen fly with my team around me. Almost like the war. Almost.

Festival Moons 9th, 3127

In the morning, I debriefed the team. Corporal Kyzak procured three days rations, mounts, and gear. I met with the officers to finalize plans. The Riders agreed.

We rode south until dark, camping not far south of our previous spot. We waited until after the 13th hour before sending Ach’Te to find us a weak point in the enemy lines.

Festival Moons 10th, 3127

Ach’Te returned with news of a picket isolated from the others. We mounted up. Ach’Te on point. Corporal Kyzak second, Karma, then me. Jan, flanked on the south and Neithe brought up the fear to cover us.

We rode out in column, slamming into their isolated picket line from the weak side. Ach’Te his them first. They never recovered. We cut their line like a hot knife through butter.

With Ach’Te’s roaring, and Karma lighting up half the desert with her magic, we managed to bring down half the Maelstrom army down on our heads. We could hear them shouting, their horns blowing.

Hot on our heals. Perfect. We rode like the wind, arrows whistling through the air around us.

An hour over the dunes with them right on our heals, Ach’Te vanished over a dune. Then I followed. There, the line of desert riders waited.

As soon as I saw them, I rolled off the horse and prepared to receive a charge, calling my team to me. All but Neithe dismounted, better on foot.

The Maelstrom were full committed, they never saw the ambush. The Riders hit them at speed, arrows flying. Our dismounted cut down their lead riders causing a pile up of broken horses. It was a bloodbath.

Only a few managed to escape. A’Morgal would be on alert, but that ship had sailed.

Once the battle was over, we made camp. Corporal Kyzak headed to the healers, while I spoke with our commanders. RFC Karma was placed in command.

Our orders were to rest, heal, clean and wait until morning. On the morning of the 11th of Festival Moons, before dawn we planned to break camp and return to A’Davar.

Our mission was a success, but I am faced with a difficult situation. Jankem disobeyed a direct order. He made contact with the enemy and betrayed our position. In this instance, he was lucky.

Under any normal circumstances, I would have addressed the issue on the spot. I should have. However, up until the Maelstrom were defeated, we were under duress. I will address the Lt on how he wishes to proceed.

Regardless, Ranger Jankem receives a formal reprimand for Direct Disobedience.


Campaign Report 13
Raid on A'Morgal Part One

Raid on A’Morgal

Sergeant Nichts Report

Filed Festival Moons 8th, 3127
Alpha Team. I suppose it was inevitable.

Eternal Sun 33rd, 3127
Not even cleaned fro battle, Lt. Cromwell calls us to escort Shiek Tamir’s caravan north to Arkstone. My six Rangers to protect three heavy wagons laden with trade goods for Arkstone markets. At least the Shiek was kind enough to allow us water to clean the blood and awful. It took me hour to pick all the brain matter from my chain.

We at least managed to get moving in good order. And, fortunately, or unfortunately depending on one’s view, the Black Wolf Brigade kindly secured our western flanks. Kind of like a feral dog keeping other feral dogs away from your camp so they can raid you at night.

Thunder Hawk 3rd, 3127

By late morning, we arrived in Arkstone. Once the caravan was secured, the Shiek venturing off to make contact with the merchant’s of the city. He returned shortly and informed Delta Team that we were to escort him to his meeting with the Ve’Sorui around 3PM.

We escorted the Shiek to a palace of greed in Arkstone’s main market. High and mighty merchants flaunted their wealth and power. The merchant guards required the team to check their weapons before entering. None complained, though I felt naked without my arms.

Fortunately, when we arrived in the columned conference room, there was little threat from the pampered puffery in the room. Though, I imagine dangerous mercenaries lurked nearby.

Sheik Tamir engaged in trade negotations. Ach’Te paid close attention, and I assume Karma, but I tried hard not to nod off. Once negotations were completed, we returned to the inn the Shiek had booked. The team took turns on shift over the night, but all were afforded good rest.

Thunder Hawk 4th, 3127

In the morning, representatives of this Ve’Sorui took our three wagons of trade goods, and left five wagons of food and medical supplies for the relief of A’Davar. We left quickly, heading back south. No sign of the Black Wolves, but I could feel their black eyes upon us.

Thunder Hawk 9th, 3127

We arrived back at A’Davar. The city looked no worse for wear, despite having survived a months long siege. Already life was beginning to return to normal. Scavengers picked over the former Kal fortifications, but there was little other activity outside of the city.

Once in the city, we were released by the Sheik. I ordered the team to take down time, sending them off to get drunk, fornicate, or pray as their wont. We set to meet that night by 10PM, though it was to be informal.

I headed immediately to the Lt’s office. There, I turned in my field reports. Once dismissed, I got my first proper shower in weeks, and then spent a few hours maintaining my kit. Once I was good and clean, I donned my gear and headed to the southern wall.

Though it seemed everyone else had forgotten about the second Maelstrom army in their enthusiasm over our victory, I had not. Speaking with the guards, I learned that about the time the Kal forces fell to the north, the Maelstrom army, harassed by the Desert Riders, pulled up stakes and disappeared to the south.


At 10PM, Ach’Te, Neithe and Karma showed up drunk. The Corporal was…Kal. Surprisingly, Jan was not. Maybe he was trying to impress?

Lt. Cromwell presented our newest mission. With the Maelstrom retreat south toward A’Morgal, we were to link up with a group of Romar’s Desert Riders and track the southern army’s retreat.

Per my request, Neithe was promoted to Ranger First Class.

I would have promoted Karma and Jan, but until I die, our command structure is capped. Fortunately, I expect that to change sooner rather than later.

After the team headed to bed, I requested to meet with our new Farspeaker. She was a local Aradi girl. Something about her left me with a deep sense of abuse, but I remained silent. We established protocols.

Dismissed, I went to get some sleep.

Thunder Hawk 10th, 3127

I woke three hours before dawn and gathered our horses and supplies. Two hours before dawn, I arrived at the rally point near A’Davar’s south gate. An hour before dawn, the rest of the team arrived. Ach’Te had apparently discovered coffee and floaters. He was higher than a cloud.

Thunder Hawk 13th, 3127

With Ach’Te still feeling ill effects, we arrived at the Desert Rider Camp. I met with their commander, Zayeed. He informed me that they had tracked the Maelstrom south, following their swath of razed villages. He and his men were sweeping into the desert. We were to follow the A’Morgal road.

We camped the night.

Thunder Hawk 14th, 3127

Departing before dawn, I sent Jan out front, with Ach’Te sweeping our rear. Neithe rode wide east, tracking the mountain side of the road. Corporal, Karma, and I stayed the course along the main road, trailing remounts and pack animals behind.

Thunder Hawk 15th, 3127

Just after lunch, around 2pm, Jan returned noting a burned out village not far ahead. I dispatched Ach’Te, Jan, and Niethe to scout the camp, while the rest of us approached more slowly. We had just reached the outskirts when all Abyss broke loose.

Sand warriors sprang from the ground and surrounded Neithe. Then she vanished in a cloud of smoke. I think Jan must have dropped a smoke pellet. Next thing I knew, Karma rode in, blasting Sand Warriors apart with green jets from her hands. Corporal roared.

Ach’Te charged into the smoke to rescue Neithe, while Jan flanked the sand creatures.

While the team exercised some pent up frustrations, I rode over the well and smashed the ensorcelled handle. With the spell trigger demolished, the sand warriors disintegrated. To my confused team, I ordered everyone to water up before moving on.

Still, pretty clever trap.

Thunder Hawk 20th, 3127

We arrived in sight of A’Morgal early in the morning. The city was at least the size of A’Davar, but back up to the mountains, it was heavily fortified. I ordered the scouts, Jan, Ach’Te, and Neithe to scout the city, while I established a defensible base camp.

By afternoon, they returned to report no sign of Maelstrom, but the city was heavily fortified, and on war footing. Perfect.

After dark, we broke camp, and I moved the entire Team on a close semicircle west of the city, scouting the defenses and walls. We encountered several patrols. One rode close enough to catch snatches of Malakaran. While not conclusive evidence, I found it odd that Aradi dressed Malakaran mercenaries would be patrolling a Desert Prince’s holding. Something was wrong.

By dawn, we established a southern base camp, and settled in to watch.

Thunder Hawk 21st, 3127

After a few hours rest, I sent Karma and Neithe back north, to enter the city from a northern gate as travelers to scout past the outer curtain wall. They spent the day purchasing supplies and drinking in taverns. Just before dark, they exited the southern gate nearest out camp and rode to join us.

The upshot, Maelstrom forces had taken over the western part of the city. In large numbers. My suspicions confirmed, I waited till morning to report.

Thunder Hawk 22nd, 3127

In the morning, I reported to the Farspeaker. She ordered us back to the northern camp. So, we broke, and headed back, scouting the area for enemy troop movements.

Once we arrived, I ordered fortifications constructed. We were going to be here a while.

Turns out it was almost 3 weeks. We spent our days improving the camp, trading with merchants along the road, scouting the city, and…Niethe and Karma started a mud wrestling operation. Despite the breach in military discipline…I must admit it was an enjoyable distraction.

Festival Moons 4th, 3127

In the morning, I was contacted by the Farspeaker and ordered, alone, to head east into the mountains to meet a contact.

When I arrived an hour later, I found a dregordian, Corporal Sssahliissstah and another woman, vaguely Aradish, waiting near a cave entrance. I recognized the cloak and rank. The patch confirmed it.

Alpha Team.

Flaming Abyss.

Apparently, Alpha Team’s most recent mission had gone wrong. They received help escaping some dwarves, but were only just ahead of the hunt. There was something, though they never said, important in the city of A’Morgal.

IF they could recover it, they may prevent a war with the dwarves of the Black Mountains, or at least, gain them as allies vs enemies. The mission was so critical that Delta Team was ordered to support their mission.

We were ordered to move BACK to our southern camp, then on the 7th, secure a southern posturn gate and hold it for Alpha Team to escape. Once the plan was in motion, I was to sacrifice Delta Team to draw of the entire flaming Maelstrom army to by Alpha time to ride free.


Worse, we need to get Alpha’s archers into place to cover their retreat, and loan two members of our team to Alpha. Mostly, they needed a local Aradi to help infiltrate the city.

Under vigorous protest, I accepted the new mission.

Heading back, cursing the entire way, I arrived at my own camp and ordered Ach’Te and Neithe to accompany for the hand off. For my two, I was getting three from Alpha.

Leaving Corporal Kyzak in charge, I returned to the transfer point with Ach’Te and Neithe. There, we found Corporal Sssahliissstah, and her Farspeaker, standing with a massive ogress, a BUILDER, and an Aevakar pretty boy.

Warning the dregordian not to get my ppl killed, I returned to Delta Team with the three new members.

RFC Ranna, RFC Steelwing, and The Explorer.

Steelwing quickly ingratiated himself with the team, and within minutes was in the mud pit wrestling a mostly nude Karma. He won, though…both seemed to enjoy. The Builder dug a hole and burrowed in for the rest of the time. The ogress sat brooding.

Festival Moons 5th, 3127

We spent the day studying the city, watching the patrols. By nightfall, we headed back to our southern camp.

Festival Moons 6th, 3127

We arrived before dawn and set up camp. All day and night we watched the southern posturn gates, noting defenses, and patrols.

Festival Moons 7th, 3127

The day of the attack, we spent prepping gear and watching the gate. By nightfall, we moved out. Taking our time, we threaded through the patrols to a shallow wash within striking distance from the gate. There, we crouched, waiting.

As the 13th hour approached, we made our move.

Ranna and Steelwing dropped the guards on the wall above. With the pickets down, Ranna smashed down the door. Just inside, four guards sat around a fire playing cards.

Ranna pinned two together from a bold from her great crossbow. Karma, from nowhere, rode in, shooting down a third. Jan made swift work of the last. Steelwing landed on the wall and called an all clear.

With that, the gate was ours and no alarms were triggered. I sent everyone into position, while I disposed of the six bodies.

Less than a half an hour later, just into the 13th hour, alarm bells ring in the city. Then, the center of the city is lit by a sunflare.

Following orders, I transferred command of the gate to Ranna, ordered Delta Team to mount, before charging headlong through the city’s narrow streets toward the main northern gate.

Riding down anyone in our way, we caught the confused and disoriented troops unawares. We faced no real resistance till we reached the gate. Two blasts from Karma and the gate lay in ruins, at least two of the siege engines above shattered.

I rode through, taking a few arrows. Karma followed me as we broke south. Corporal Kyzak and Jan cleared the gate and broke north. We rode wide outside of the arch of the engines on the walls, before rejoining on the road.

Behind us, A’Morgal was rousing to anger. The Maelstrom camp buzzed like hornets as men rushed to the horse lines. I felt the contact of our Farspeaker on my mind.

Mission accomplished. Most of the Maelstrom and guards were focused on Delta Team. Alpha Teams escape route was secure. But, if Romar’s Riders didn’t show up, Delta Team, minus Ach’Te and Neithe who were to join us as soon as they cleared the city, would be dead…


The Defense of Arkstone - AWA Event 2018
New Intel on The Black Wolf Brigade

Date Filed: 33rd Thunder Hawk, 3127
By: Lt. Magnus Cromwell
Subject: Defense of Arkstone / Black Wolf Brigade Intel


Utilizing my established connections with the Unchained in the region I have recently learned that a unit of Unchained got wind of a potential attack to the North of A’Davar, coming down from the Kal-A-Nar Empire. The origin was from Kal’Tor (not to be confused with Kal-Teor).

This assault was to be lead by Dair-Kan Marrik ki Sigmar, the father of Dair-Endar Ragnar ki Sigmar. Ragnar was the commander of the rear guard who has sieged A’davar twice, and failed. It was, from what we saw on the field, the Black Wolf Brigade commander, known only as The Fanged Wolf, who killed his son.

Still, with the death of his son, Marrik was gathering his forces to march south. Unchained intelligence suggested he was planning to march to A’Davar and attack the city while it was still weak. Knowing this would cripple the region and place it under Kal dominance, a fate none in the area would desire.

They quickly implemented a plan to try and establish a plan to stop Dair-Kan Marrik ki Sigmar at Arkstone and avoid him sacking it completely. The following information is what I had managed to gather from my Unchained contacts in reference to their mission to save Arkstone.

12th Thunder Hawk, 3127

The Unchained mission begins. The operation is head by a Gromp Redtooth. They had a week or two to prepared Arkstone for the assault. To do this, they needed allies who would be invested in the region.

They needed 3 things. Funds and an army. One well known army in the region was the infamous Black Wolf Brigade. Being a mercenary outfit, they needed funds to pay them. The only local source of deep pockets was The Ve’Souri. It is speculated they are connected to Red Store, but no official connection has been made.

The Unchained agents met with The Ve’souri and, from what I gather, a deal had been struck. While the specifics of the mission were not given, I did manage to get local reports from Arkstone that indicated a warehouse had been ransacked and a small riot had been caused when Sheriff Elect Atila Morgan was on his route to the capitol building. The warehouse was owned by Atila Morgan and reports indicate a dim-witted Orc threw and entire tray of fruits at the carriage of the Sheriff Elect while his head was stuck out of the window.

On the 14th of Thunder Hawk a group that, again, matched the description of the Unchained Agents departed the city. The Agents reports on the situation were that they had been ambushed by the Black Wolf Brigade and hooded. Upon arrival of their site they were forced into a Brawling Pit with a massive Orc. It was a contest of physical strength and the Orc went through 3 Agents before the fight was stopped. By all accounts it seemed as if The Fanged Wolf was the one who stopped the brawl.

Apparently this was a test of strength that would determine the cost that would be presented forward. The were to leave in the morning on a hunt to track down a shipment Caravan and bring the Wolves in to play.

They took 2 days to catch up with the caravan (They followed tracks on the rode). That night they cold camped to keep from being found. Having been given a sort of flare, they sent an agent about 500 yards out to set it off. Obviously, being at night, the flare was spotted by the enemy encampment. The Unchained evidently intercepted the scouts.

It wasn’t long before a small platoon sized unit showed up, this one lead by The Fanged Wolf once more. The Unchained said the Wolves gave them an opportunity to surrender (to which they did). They then began to arbitrarily killing them, skipping over survivors at random. The living were given the opportunity to join the wolves.

I’m not sure how they picked who lived or died, but it certainly is brutal. Much like the Kal might gang-press people into service, it seems like the wolves do the same. Though, from our interactions with them, none seem to live in fear. In fact, most seem content to follow orders. Perhaps they are all just cold blooded mercenaries after all?

In either case, the only other thing to report is one of the men was targeted by a robed figure of the wolves and he laid a hand upon his target. The mans eyes burnt out of his skill the Unchained Agents said. Apparently his knowledge had been siphoned out.

Reports from Arkstone suggest the group of Unchained Agents returned around the 20th of Thunder Hawk. The next phase of their mission was not revealed to me, but Arkstone Official Reports suggest that on the 21st of Thunder Hawk an assault on the Government building occurred.

Fighting broke out in the streets while Atila Morgan (the Sheriff Elect) was apparently beseeching the governing body permission to grant a near by Tempest Servitor access to build a temple on near by land and, effectively, grant him the rights of a citizen of Arkstone. Once again, figures matching the Unchained Agents description were on sight.

After the battle (which reports indicate an Aevakar struck a Flame Priestess down with a lighting bolt), the motion passed to grant this Servitor those rights. I assume, based on the battle, this was required to secure the armies of Tempest to defend the city.

Later that day, to the east of Arkstone, a severe storm formed out of nowhere. While it lasted a few hours, there appeared to be no structural damage to the area nearby outside of lighting strikes and some trees uprooted due to violent winds.

24th of Thunder Hawk, 3127

On the North side of Arkstone, The armies of The Black Wolf Brigade, supported by some local mercenaries that we assume The Ve’Souri acquired, and a unit of Tempest organzied outside the gate. The local garrison fortified the gates to prevent them from being broken easily. I do not know the entire details of the battle, but I do know Dair-Kan Marrik ki Sigmar was slain by The Fanged Wolf.

Interestingly, Marrik felled The Fanged Wolf on the field who, moments later, rose from his placement and nearly cleaved the Kal Warlord in half diagonally. Marrik’s body, like his son Ragnar, was acquired by The Black Wolf Brigade.

The other event that occurred was Tempest summoned a Cyclone down into the field. In the chaos, both armies (sans Tempest) took casualties. The Fanged Wolf reportedly fired a stream of Hellfire into the mage. The two forces nearly came the blows, but the Tempest withdrew in good order. I suspect this has to do with the foothold they have now, legally, established within the region.

In short, we now have extra intelligence on The Black Wolf Brigade as well as it’s leader The Fanged Wolf, we know Tempest now has a legal foothold on the outskirts of Arkstone, but more importantly, another wave of invasions has been stopped this time (thankfully) before reaching A’Davar.

I will continue to keep you informed to the best of my abilities and provide updates as possible.


Lt. Magnus Cromwell, Delta Team Commander, Echer’Naught

Campaign Report 12
Battle of North A’Davar

Sergeant Nichts Report

Filed Eternal Sun 33rd, 3127

We won the battle. And, the siege is lifted, for the moment. But a Maelstrom army still camps along the A’Morgal cutting off supplies from the south. They will have to be dealt with, as will the armies in the desert. But today, my team did well. Better than well.

Delta team saved A’Davar. No one will ever know or care. But, that is what we do.

Eternal Sun 7th, 3127

Not back but a few hours and the Lieutenant assigns our new mission. For once, the orders were clear and straightforward.

Objective One: proceed directly to the goblinesh gather of Arakk east of A’Davar and seek an alliance with the goblinesh.

Object Two: departing Arakk head north, skirting the foothills of the Black Mountains before circling back west toward Arkstone. There, we would use our contacts to meet with the Warmaiden. If all went horribly wrong, we might manage to contact the Black Wolf Brigade and invite them into our coalition.

Once we gathered whatever alliances our orders were to assemble and march on A’Davar by the 33rd. Prince Morok ki Anzher vowed to march out on the 33rd. Any forces not to the city by then would be left behind.
As my team had just, the night before, returned from a week’s long sortie, I invited them all out to drink before heading out on our new assignment. The city had been under siege for months. Food was non-existent, but they managed to ferment something. It tasted like shit, but it did the trick

Eternal Sun 8th, 3127

We gathered what supplies we could, given the state of the city. Our plan was simple. We would leave A’Davar at 2pm while Wolfhaven Free Riders provided a distraction by raiding pickets and supplies north and east of the city.

At 1pm, my team waited mounted just inside the posturn east gate. A’Davar guards held the bar nervously while we waited for the signal. At just after 2pm, we saw a column of smoke billow into the air a mile outside the city. On my command, guard flung open the gates and we spurred out horses out of the city.

We hit the flats and rode hard east. In the distance, we could see the Free Riders engaged with Kal pickets. Veering away from the skirmish, we struck out away from the roads. Summer heat had baked the ground hard, kicking up clouds of dust as we rode.

I ordered Neithe to drop back and cover our rear, but the dust cloud was too large. She missed the patrol on our tail. Before we knew what was happening, arrows whistled through the air around us. Through fortune, more than anything, we managed to escape in the darkness and hills east of the city.

Our ride took seven days to Arakk over rough terrain. A few days out, the sandy scrub turned to dry grasslands.

Eternal Sun 15th, 3127

After seven days of hard riding, we arrived outside Arakk during the morning hours. We encountered goblin and orc pickets in the grasses outside the Gather. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Arakk is a mining gather, trading with the Malakarans, Aradi, and various faction in the Defiant Lands. The orc in charge of their perimeter greeted me well enough. Since I saw little value in lying to people with which we hoped to forge an alliance, I explained that we were Rangers. Hardly stealthy, but we had little to gain from subterfuge.

Upon hearing we are part of the Rangers out of Echer’Naught, the orc patrol leader perks up and invites us immediately to speak with the Mak Tokash. I was honestly surprised. Sadly, few encounters with Rangers leave the locals in an inviting mood. I’d like to meet these Nice and Friendly Rangers.

In the Gather, we were taken to an old Orc Mak Tokash. He claimed to be a friend of the Rangers. Said a team had come through years before and helped the Gather. Since then, the Rangers made semi-regular visits, bringing in supplies. He called us friends.

Hearing of our coming battle with the Kal, he seemed eager to join the fight. As expected, there were few pleasantries. One of the most respectable things about the Goblinesh is their directness. Almost an Olaran quality.

We were allowed to rest, east, resupply, and tend to our mounts. While there, we noted the goblinesh begin to spar with each other, some form of contest. We quickly realized they were competing to see who would have the honor of joining the battle. At least they were eager.

Though we never learned the name of the Team, I gather they are one of the Special Teams out of Echer’Naught’s Regional Command. Not one of the named Teams, Alpha, Beta, Delta… I’ve heard of such teams, but never met them. Nor, I guess would we. A more inquisitive Ranger might wonder just how many operations Regional Command run at any given time. I am not inquisitive.

We sleep the night and leave early the next morning.

Eternal Sun 16th, 3127

Before dawn, we departed for Arkstone hugging the foothills of the mountains as they ran north, then curved slightly west. This far out, there were no patrols, no Kal, no one. Or so we thought.

Passing within a day of the northernmost peak of the Black Mountains, we encountered a heavily armed mounted patrol. They challenged us in Galean. Clearly not locals. They were not Kal, or Black Wolves, or even local banditry. Confused, but out gunned and out maneuvered, I again chose honesty.

When challenged, I announced that we were Rangers. If they were Wolves or Unchained, they knew our identity already. If they were bandits, it would make no difference. Though, there was a SLIGHT chance our Ranger status might improve our situation.

Again, against all odds, the riders welcomed us and escorted Delta Team to a lone keep in a far northern location. The details, of course, I decline to provide. Needless to say, the Great Wolf’s reach is far. In the remote and independent Defiant Lands, the Centenium Council has managed to establish a Keep for Legio Heroes.

By nightfall, riding hard, we arrived at their supply camp at the base of the Legion’s mountain keep. There I spoke with a Lieutenant. While my team again rested and resupplied.

Here I was out of my depth. My orders did not cover making an alliance with the Legio Heroes, but as I knew they were chartered under the Centenium Proclamation. Of course, the exact political and military status between the Rangers and the Legio Heroes was never part of my briefing. Abyss, we needed men and the Legion was willing to help.

So, I laid out the situation and asked the Legion to join the fight to liberate A’Davar. I knew it would expose them, but even a small arcfire equipped force could tip the scales heavily in our favor. The Lt spoke with his superiors and secured a promise to send what help they could. Basically the same promise from the goblinesh, but with less enthusiasm.

Again we were given supplies and a safe place to camp. And, for the second time Delta Team encountered a local military force on good terms with the Rangers. Curioser and curioser.

Eternal Sun 17th, 3127

Before dawn, we rode for Arkstone. This time, we move west, straight and fast. Time was running out.

Eternal Sun 21st, 3127

Five days later, we arrive in Arkstone about midafternoon. Not much had changed since our last visit. We secured a room in the Inn we had used before, maintaining our local covers. Once there, I sent Corporal Kyzak and Karma to meet a local Black Wolf contact, Warmaiden.

I sent Jankem and Ache’Te to keep watch, though with the Black Wolves I suspected it was pointless. It was. They are omniscient and omnipotent in the region.

Meanwhile, Neithe and I remained back at the room. Jankem was under strict orders to report back to me the moment something changed, or contact was made with the Wolves. Thirty minutes after being sent out, Jankem returned indicating that the Corporal’s team had made contact and were leaving the city.

An hour and a half later, Jankem returned to report that the Corporal, Karma, and now Ach’Te had been taken way by the Black Wolf brigade, though it appeared they did so voluntarily. Trusting my team to follow orders, there was little left to do but wait until they returned.

Eternal Sun 22nd, 3127

At dawn, team returned. Ach’Te was badly beaten, but his more serious wounds had been treated. Apparently to “earn the Wolves’ respect” Ach’te had to fight their champions. I believe he defeated the first and performed well against the second. As they were released alive, and with another tepid agreement to assist, I call Ach’Te’s performance successful.

The Black Wolves agreed to join the crusade, but had a condition. Black Wolf Commander demanded the right to kill the Kal commander, Dair-endar Ragnar Ki Merrick. And, he claimed rights to the commander’s weapons and armor. I assume that allying with the Black Wolves, and allowing this seemingly small concession will eventually bite us all squarely in the ass. Still, we need warriors.

My orders were, at this point, complete. I had made contact with the goblinesh of Arakk and the Black Wolf brigade and managed to secure promises of support. In addition, I had also secured promises of assistance from the Legio Heroes.

However, the situation remained incomplete. First, if I returned to A’Davar, the allied forces would be forced to make their own way to A’Davar without guidance or leadership. Second, there was yet another potential ally in the region we had yet to approach. The elves of Tar’Imas were hardly close allies of the Southern Kingdoms, but they WERE enemies of the Kal. So, on my own initiative, I dispatched Neithe to make the hellish ride to Tar’Imas and invite the Iron Elves of Tar’Imas to our party.

I dispatched Jankem immediately to A’Davar to report back to Lieutenant Cromwell to inform the Rangers that our mission was successful. Also, I needed to know if our timeline had changed. The rest of the team headed to the central point between the Defiant lands, goblinesh gathers, and the desert princes. All allied forces would, by necessity, march through that region making it an ideal staging area outside Kal patrols.

The plan, join the Tar’Imas (iron elves), Legio Heroes, Arakk Goblinesh, and the Black Wolf Brigade with our own A’Davar militia and the Prince’s own forces to attack the Kal army sieging the city. Prince Romar was sent to raid the Maelstrom forces south of the city, keeping them distracted while our alliance delt the knockout blow to the Kal. With fortune and a lot of death, we might break the siege and save the city.

Eternal Sun 27th, 3127

In the afternoon, we arrived at our forward assembly base to find Jankem waiting. He reported successful contact with Lt. Cromwell to report. And, the orders stand.

Eternal Sun 29th, 3127

In the evening, Neither returned from her hellish ride with a fresh mount. Her report was brief. The elves agreed.

Eternal Sun 30th, 3127

Early in the morning, a force of goblinesh arrived, kitted for war. Later that evening, Two Platoons of Legio Heroes arrived mounted, kitted with arcfire. I met with the commanders, the orc Torkash and the Legion Lieutenant. We conferenced about their units, and best use of their capabilities.

My Rangers worked overtime to keep order, going about their tasks without direct supervision.

Eternal Sun 31st, 3127

As were moved our various units into position, the Tar’Imas, Iron Elves, arrived early in the morning. They moved into position at the end of the column, and like that, we marched out.
In total, our small force numbered:

Goblinesh – 150
Legio Heores – 100
Iron Elves – 100
Wolfhaven Free Riders – 100
Total – 550

Eternal Sun 33rd, 3127

To my shock, we arrive to meet Lt. Cromwell outside the city. The Kal which had encircled the city for months has apparently withdrawn. Why, I do not know.

With the Lt was our hand trained A’Davar milita. I immediately dispatched Delta team to resume their command posts within the unit. We added 100, bringing our small coalition to 650 combatants.

A’Davar militia – 100

Joining the Prince’s own forces, we marched north from the city. A days march out, we meet the Kal army in the field, formed along a ridge, waiting. Though we could see their heavy troops in formation, their skirmishes and light are nowhere to be seen.

Once I confirmed that the city was not left undefended, I pointed out that with Kal army away from the city, our job was effectively done. So long as the Kal army chose to sit, there was little value in an assault. Not until the situation changed. Besides, if we rushed in without finding the rest of their army, we risked being enveloped and destroyed.

Taking my advice, the Prince chose to dig in and wait. We secured our flanks and rear, while we watched the Kal army closely. Once our position was as secure as possible, we deployed scouts.

A scout team led by Ach’Te lucked upon the Kal scouts, skirmishers, and light units a short distance from the battlefield. Apparantly we were right. They were poised to hit our flanks as soon as we committed. Instead, we sent our own Wolfhaven Free Riders and the Prince’s cavalry to sweep around their flanks and drive their skirmishers back into their lines. When the Kal skirmishes disrupted the Kal formation, we would launch our attack.

Everything started well. In the first attack, their scouts are easily routed and driven into the Kal lines. However, their discipline held, and the lines wavered, but never broke. Corporal Kyzak and Neithe joined the flankers on horseback, while Ach’Te and Jankem prowled on foot. The fighting was intense, but we slowly pushed the Kal lines back.

After hours of fighting, a force of Unchained appear behind the forces just as our own forces began encirclement. However, despite nearly fully enveloping the Kal army, their lines held. Then, from the west, more Kal reinforcments arrive threatening our flank. These were mostly summoned troops, childer and infernals. At nearly the same time the Black Wolves arrive from the north. Battle descended into small clusters of troops fighting desperate actions against other knots of enemy forces.

As night fell, it became nearly impossible to distinguish friend from foe. The press of bodies made maneuvering impossible and it began rain turning the ground into a coppery sludge. Late in the battle, as I was leading a beleaguered unit of Militia out of the press, I saw a minotaur charging down upon Ach’Te. At the last moment I dove in and took the blow, being gored. In turn, Ach’te braced himself against my back ran the beat through.

We fought like demons, neither our men nor the Kal giving any ground. Casualties mounted until late in the night, the Kal will finally broke. Despite it all, in the final analysis, the butchers bill could have been far worse. We lost, in the final analysis, 10% or about 85 men dead. Four times that wounded.

As we removed our wounded from the field, and managed to reformed our lines, the Black Wolves descended on the fleeing Kal. Per his demands, the Black Wolf commander killed the Kal commander with a soul devouring sword.

It is late and the rains continue. I hear the moans and cries from the hospital tent, and the quiet talk among the troops. My own team mill about, cleaning themselves, resting, talking…actually, I have no idea what they are doing. But, they fought well.

We were given an impossible mission and they managed to perform admirably. Suffering privation, starvation, and exposure, they exceeded every challenge. Having no other means of reward, I wish to request official Commendation for:

Corporal Kyzak
Ranger First Class Karma
Ranger First Class Jankem
Ranger Neithe

As for Ach’Te, I request a bonus pay for his superior services.

We still have the Maelstrom army south of the city to deal with. I assume we will head south quickly and attack before they receive word of our victory against their paymasters. But, that is tomorrow’s battle. Tonight, my men rest, drink, and celebrate victory and life.


Ach’Te Report

This is Ach’te,
Karma is teaching me to write, and read words. This is an infuriating, and laborious task, but she says that in written words there is power. Therefore I will learn these words, and their meanings to become even more powerful. She says to keep practicing, and she helps me even now, but these human sized “pens” are too damn small.
What an interesting world where the son of a forgotten trader can be instructed by one of the desert’s noble daughters. I do appreciate her efforts on my behalf even though I have nothing of value to offer for trade, and I believe that it speaks to the unusual nature of this “Delta Team”, and it’s people.

I will be brief (that means short).
A great battle was fought and won here at the gates of A’davar. I doubt the people will ever know that an Olaran Ranger Sergeant, and her small team saved their city.
Probably not, nor does any of the team care.
Most outsiders do not understand the intricacies of dealing with people of this region. Alliances here shift like the sand, and even treaties of peace usually only last a generation. So it is in the west. I have been to the east, and politics there are far more stable. Petty lords rise up here like grass, and like grass they are cut down with the seasons. So it is, and so it has been since living memory. But The Ranger team has done well, and I have done well by signing on to the cause, hopeless as it may seem sometimes.
The Black Wolves held their agreement. Not only that, but it seems they did more. As the first of the Wolves arrived, they did so with a compliment of Unchained. I know of the Unchained, and while they certainly serve a function, they do not move easily. I believe that The Wolves had something to do with this. I may be wrong, but it’s the only explanation that I have.
Perhaps it had something to do with fighting the warlord’s champions, but again I do not know, nor do I particularly care. I did not fight them as a matter of honor, nor did I do so to prove myself to the warlord. He acts as one who has lost his soul, so it is of no glory to fight a man such as that. I did it because his Visir is an asshole… None of that is important though because they did just as they said, and that is good enough.

As for the battle, it was a glorious affair. Our forces that we gathered over the past week rallied as they said, and we found that the Kal had withdrawn from the city when we arrived. Our forces were laid out as a fishhook along a low rise. It was a good position, yet something was still wrong. We saw no light troops to our front, so that meant they had to be somewhere else. I was given a small force of skirmishers that the Kal (the one on our side) said he had trained personally. True to his word, these troops did not disappoint. We found the light troops massed on the far left out of sight, and they were obviously positioned to hit our flank when we committed. I sent a man back, and whan word arrived to advance the hunt was on.
We scoured the outskirts of their position, and made careful not to be seen. We killed their scouts so that they could not raise an alarm, and then the cavalry charged in from the far left. This drove them back for a time, and almost into their main force, but eventually they regrouped. While this was going on the men that I had been given, and myself continued to advance along the flanks. When I saw that this was doing good no longer I gathered what men I could, and wheeled in on the right angle of their line. This was also where the Sergeant, and her people happened to be.
They had regrouped effectively, and were beginning to push back when the first of our reinforcements arrived on the far hill. From that hill we saw several units of Unchained forming ranks, and with their number were banners of the Black Wolves. They joined with our left flank, and together we continue to push as the light troops collapsed back into the main heavier line.
It was about this time when a Minotaur found me, and as it was about to deliver a mighty blow the Seargent interposed herself so her heavy armor took the brunt of it’s attack. Recovering from this I braced against her, and with my sword over her shoulder we pushed through.
As the enemy lines began to falter in earnest the final cavalry contingent arrived. It was the Wolf commander, along with his retinue, and a sizable number of mounted troops. The main force attacked on the extreme left, and the smaller command unit found, then killed the Kal commander. This well-placed charge turned and organized retreat into a route. I was honestly surprised at our successes thus far, and despite some back-and-forth we continually gained ground. But this… It’s sheer savagery broke them, and it is a beautiful thing to see Kal fleeing a battlefield.

After the fighting had ended I set about trying to gather as many of our wounded as I could. Also, I came across a considerable amount of coin among the enemy dead. From their number I found several slain Kal officers, and cut away their breastplates. I have several now, and hopefully that along with the gold that I found shall be enough to construct myself a helmet of their distinctive black colored steel. I need no trophies, but I do lack a proper helm so that would be good enough.
My hand is growing tired now, so this ends my report. Karma says that it becomes easier with practice, but for now I am finished.


Also, the quiet girl (Nithe?) spoke… I had assumed she was mute. She swears that we have spoken before, but I do not recall.

Campaign Report 11
Black Wolf Brigade

Sergeant Nichts Report

Eternal Sun 6th, 3127

I know one thing, we cannot match the Black Wolf Brigade’s strength or information network. In fact, my standing orders of the Delta Team are to run when encountering Black Wolf units. I will not knowingly throw away the lives of my men.

Red Wolf 22nd,3127

After Karma and the Big Cat outdid themselves procuring the buildings maerials in Barrinor, and making a scene in the process, Delta team departed Barrinor heading north. I had ordered the cats to leave via a different gate and trail us along the route. If we were attacked, they were to wait for out signal before charging to our rescue. If our goods were stolen, they were to track the Wolves back to their base and meet us at an agreed upon camp half a day south of the Checkpoint.

Red Wolf 23rd, 3127

Delta Team, minus the Cats, arrived at the Kal border checkpoint around mid day. Clearly the Kal was back in charge. Gargoyles flew overhead and Hellhouds growled at the ends of chains. Our assumnptions appear to have been proven true, for a number of weeks, the Black Wolf Brigade managed to control a key Kal border crossing, robbing and killing countless merchants during that time. We would find out later that the Kal was completely unaware. A force that can achieve that…

I spoke with the Sergeant of the guard and offered to sell furnishings to the checkpoint. The unit commander directed me to the QuaHrtermaster in Kal’Tyor. Pulld over and waited for an hour while the guard Capataion wrote a letter of introduction. This formal invitation from the Kal in hand, we headed for Kal’Tyor to meet with Glar ki Jurvik to contract selling construction material to the Kal.

Headed north to Kal’Tyor for 2 days. Roads were good. No sign of the Cats. Either they were still watching our backs, or they were dead. We would not know for a bit.

Red Wolf 25th, 3127

At mid moren, we arrived in Kal’Tyor. Our letter of inviation granted immeidate access through the usual checkpoints. Our first stop was meeting Captain Galar ki Jurvik. His offices were large, but surprisingly efficient. He was receptive to our ideas, but was completely unaware of the Black Wolf Brigade. We provided all of our intel to Galar and he looked shocked. He demanded we return in the morning after he had time to review our information

Leaving his offices we set up lodging, a fine establishment. I find the accomodations in the Kal to be superior to nearly anywhere we have ventured. I wondered how the Kal fared.

Red Wolf 26th, 3127

The following morning we me with Captain Galar ki Jurvik. He was angry, to say the least. For our services we sold out entire load of goods at above market AND arranged to act as “bait” for the Kal. Galar would provide the wagons and goods. We would travel under “Military Contract” south of Arkstone where we would hand off the goods to the armies around A’Davar. If we were attacked along the route, he sent 10 riders to trail behind us as a reserve force.

We were the bait. The Kal protected us, and the Cats followed all. We made quite a little parade.

While we waited for Galar ki Jurvik to gather the supplies, we procured our own rations, and created “care packages” for the cats that we would “drop” off the wagons.

Red Wolf 27, 3127
We gathered back at Galar ki Jurvik’s office at noon. The Kal loaded two wagons and provide contract to travel to Arkstone via Barrinor. All perfectly legal and paid for by the Kal.

Red Wolf 29th, 3127

By the 29th, we arrived back at the border. We barely noticed the 10 Kal riders trailing us.

About thirty minutes south of the checkpoint, we feind a broken wheel. We stopped to “repair” to give the cats a chance to see our Kal “protectors.” I was still under the wagon working, when Karma gave a shout. Five Black Wolves approached from the west, dismounted and four approached on foot. It was clear they intended to take our goods, so we “put up a fight.”

In truth, we were completely overmatched. They cut through us like a scythe through chaff. I was dropped in seconds, having put hardly a dent in the man’s armor. I fought through the War of Flame and have never encountered an enemy force so wholly powerful.

Before delivering the killing blow, the Wolf pulled the blow. He clearly intended to keep me alive. Why, I know not.

When I came back around, I saw the Corporal speaking coridally with the Black Wolves and the Kal. All seemed perfectly happy while the Wolves hitched up and stole the wagons. This entire enterprise is doomed. WE MUST LEAVE. This war is already lost.

Once the Kal and the Wolves left us, we continued south and camped (a day south of the checkpoint).

Red Wolf 33rd, 3127

Miraculously, the Cats returned. They had recieved our “care packages,” and, per orders, watched the Black Wolves ambush and the hapless Kal. Ache’Te provided a decent report. They followed the wolves two days west to a staging point in a set or ruins where the captured supplies for repacking to ship north.

The Corporal gleaned some useful information. The Wolve are just targeting Kal efforts in the south to stop the Kal from building ritual site. They also offered an invitation in Arkstone. Just ask for the warmaiden.

Based on their skill, intelligence, and ability to operate with impunity within the Kal bordres, I gave new standing orders to Delta Team. Do not engage the Black Wolf Brigade under any circumstances.

Eternal Sun 1st, 3127

We pass Barrinor sending Ache’Te and Karma in to purchase remounts. Then continue south. Our orders were to avoid any communites where either the Kal or the Wolves might have a presence.

Eternal Sun 3rd, 3127

We reached north of Arksone by late evening. We campted south of the city.

Eternal Sun 4th, eve

Along the road from Arkstone to A’Davar, we saw campfire pickets parallel to the road to the west. Whether Kal or Wolves, I we did not know, nor did we venture to find out. Our only goal was to avoid detection.

Eternal Sun 5th, 3127

We arrived within sight of A’Davar, and saw the encircling army. I sent the cats in to scout us a route through. They found that the eastern flank was the weakest, and so we waited till full dark and made a mad cavalry dash. We were almost to the walls when Karma road into a small camp of Kal. I rode into them and ordered her to ride for the gate and not look back. These were Kal and fell easily.

Rather than lead more Kal to my team, I, in turn, headed back out and found a ditch to lie and and get some food while I watched and waited. Hours later, Ache’Te and a cloaked figure found me. Though I was annoyed that two lives were risked for my one, we made it back into A’Davar before dawn.

Eternal Sun 6th, 3127

I reported to Lt. Cromwell on our operations. The Corporal and Ache’Te as well. I suggested we leave immediately, but he ordered our team to find allies to help defend A’Davar. It is suicide, we we are going to reach out to the Black Wolves in Arkstone, the goblins in Arak, and even the Iron Elves of Tar’Imas. Maybe with the Wolfhaven Riders and some Desert Riders wee have a chance.

Actually, we will be delivering the city to the Wolves, but that is another day.


Campaign Report 10
Merchant Convoy to Barrinor

Sergeant Nichts Report

Report Filed: Red Wolf 21st, 3127

It is gratifying to know that should this whole Ranger gig not work out, I am well suited to lead a merchant raiding organization.

Planting Moons 29th, 3127
After our encounter with the Black Wolf Brigade scouts on the morning of the 28th, it was another five days to Kal’Grondor where we would pick up our weapons for sale, and continue the farce.

Red Wolf 1st, 3127
We arrived at Kal’Grondor and passed through without incident. It was a bustling Kal merchant town. I could not help but find it odd. For years, I fought the Kal during the war, never making it beyond the Black Mountains. Never had I dreamed I would be passing through the enemy’s heartland, but here I was.

The plan was simple, pose as merchants buying small arms for resale in the Defiant Lands. With hope, on our return, we might attract the attention of the Black Wolves. Barring that, our increased presence within the mercenary community might provide an opportunity to trade directly with members of the Brigade. Either way, the plan was to initiate contact.

My orders were to send the Cat and Neithe to scout our area, Kal and the Big Cat would scout the merchant district for suitable craftsmen, and I would take Karma to establish lodging. The team performed admirably. The Kal and the Big Cat found two shops in the craftsmen’s district, one of fair quality and affordable prices, the second of superior quality and exorbitant prices. We had our funds and a decent plan for the morrow.

To keep up with appearances, I sent the Kal and Karma downstairs in the bar. I sent the Cat downstairs to watch their back, Neithe watched at our door and the Big Cat and I outlined which goods to be purchased from which shops. While downstairs, the Kal sent Karma to “entertain” a local player. She was successful, and they managed to learn of a third shop in another merchant’s district. In the morning, we planned to investigate the new mark.

Red Wolf 2nd, 3127

We began with the top tier merchant. The team commissioned personal weapons and gear. I negotiated for Olaran Plate, and a Great Tabor (custom design). The others commissioned their own items. By taking Kal manufactured gear, even under the closest scrutiny our cover would be perfect.

Once done with our personal shopping, we headed to the third trader in a lesser district. His wares were acceptable and of fair price. The Big Cat made the necessary purchases while I negotiated price. With our bulk wares done, I sent the Cat and Neithe with the Kal to arrange for transportation. I took Karma and the Big Cat to purchase weapons from the second merchant. Higher prices than the bulk trader, and less quality than the high end craftsman. Still, we made our arrangements, and met back with the rest of the team at the hotel.

After celebrating, we stayed close to the inn for the next couple days until our shipments were ready.

Red Wolf 4th, 3127

On time, we procured our wagon and collected bulk items. To be honest, the service here in Kal’Grondor is superior to most Southern cities. Were it not for the slavery, rape, exploitation, and human sacrifices, one could grow to enjoy living here. Assuming you are Kal, and not one of their “sub-races.”

Red Wolf 5th, 3127

On the morning of the 5th, we collected our personal gear from the top tier craftsmen. His skill is impressive. My armor fits well, and he copied the Tabor design. Even fixed the weight imbalance. Once suited, we headed out, back along our route to Barrinor.

Red Wolf 11th, 3127

On the 11th, we arrive at shattered checkpoint. Korash and Fekla’s destruction were evident everywhere. Despite it being heavily armed, my keen eyed scouts noted no gargoyles, and no hellhounds. They were also keenly interested in our lading. I surmise that a Kal-linked group, perhaps even the Wolves, have taken over the checkpoint.

We managed to pass through without issue. Karma’s records were immaculate.

Red Wolf 12th, 3127

A day south of the checkpoint, we came across muddy ruts in the road leading off the path. I assume a less fortunate caravan had been ambushed. As a Ranger, it would be our duty to investigate. As merchants, that would be the LAST choice. Moreover, as we are in the Defiant Lands, we have no authority in any case. Had we acted, we might have saved the merchants, but at the risk of our own lives and mission…for little benefit. It was a difficult choice, but one I would make again.

Red Wolf 13th, 3127

We arrived in Barrinor without incident. We arranged lodging and I reached out to “friends” in the city. They expedited a merchant’s permit.

Red Wolf 15th, 3127

True to their word, the Unchained managed to acquire a quality Permit in Barrinor.

Red Wolf 16th, 3127

In the morning, I sent the Big Cat and Karma to set up our shop near the North Gate. I sent Neithe and the Cat to protect them, and to scout the buyers. By all accounts, the team was extraordinarily successful. In fact, they managed to turn quite a profit. By that eve, the Big Cat dropped a large sack of coin on my desk. Which I in turn handed back. New plan. We are going to purchase high end military grade construction furnishing on our way back. With the checkpoint destroyed, the Kal would need such supplies. And, if we encountered the Black Wolf Brigade, they might take the bait.

Red Wolf 17th, 3127

In the morning, the Big Cat and Karam started a fire sale on arms. With the profit, the Big Cat began contracting every smith in the city for high end military furnishings. By spending coin, they managed to dominate the production of one of the city’s districts. Of course, our actions garnered much attention and a bit of animosity from local merchants. All according to plan.

While the Big Cat and Neithe made the power play, I sent the Cat and Niethe scouted north of the city. Now that the team and our plan was secured, I wanted to know what was happening along our intended route.

Red Wolf 21st, 3127

It took them days to return, but the news was grim. A merchant caravan had been ambushed along the road, driven off the path, and cut to pieces. The goods were taken, the remains were left to rot. I have no idea who was responsible, but if this is the Black Wolf Brigade, then I fear our current plan puts us in mortal danger. That night, I laid out our plan.

In the morning, we will depart Barrinor back toward the checkpoint. The brinchie will depart our company in Barrinor, then make their own way to the road. Their job will be to shadow the team. If we are attacked, they are to wait for our signal before coming in to support. If the Black Wolves kidnap our team, the brinchie are to track us back to their base. If we encounter the wolves, and they steal our cargo, but leave us along, the brinchie are to track them, leaving one of the swift cats to drop back and bring us along the trail.

If we reach the checkpoint, we will see their reaction then.

It is dangerous. Much can go wrong, but if we have any hope to locate the Black Wolf Brigade’s base of operation, we must encounter them and gauge their reaction.

Red Wolf 22nd, 3127

If all goes well, we will leave tomorrow on the 22nd.



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